Location: Edinburgh | Website: n/a

Line Up
Gordon Band (v)
Ed Dudley (g) – also in Holocaust
Nelson (b)
Raymond Marciano (aka Raymond Lafferty) (d) – also in Holocaust and 7 Samurai

– Short lived band formed by Holocaust members Ed Dudley and Raymond Marciano

HOLOGRAM - Steal The Stars


Steal The Stars

LP Lark (1982) INL 3551
LP Phoenix Record And Filmworks (1983) PSP LP 2

1. Can’t Live With You Anymore
2. 17
3. Expected To
4. Together Again
5. Shoot The Moon
6. African
7. Lost In Love
8. Vigilante Man
9. Desolation Island
10. Cliche Pastiche

*The LP was released with a sticker saying “Holocaust are now Hologram”