Services For Bands

Band website

Facebook pages, youtube channels, twitter, bandcamp, myspace etc are all good and you should invest your time to create accounts in all these in order to get your music heard by more people.

But what about your own webspace, build in the way YOU want it? All sorts of artists, organizations and business have their own website. You need one too! We can build your website providing all the essential technical and marketing support.

For a one-time low fee you will get:

•    Your domain name like or if available, free for the first year.
•    Unlimited number of pages (History, Discography, etc)
•    Gallery with unlimited photos
•    Responsive design so that it displays fine on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet etc)
•    Option to sell your own music in physical and/or digital form with paypal interaction
•    Unlimited other options as per your needs like gig calendar, music player, forum, guestbook, polls etc.
•    Unlimited revisions and updates
•    Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and link submitting

All websites need a domain name and a hosting provider in order to function. If you choose us to handle these we will have to charge the following prices

•    Domain name: First year free, then $10/year
•    Hosting: First year free, then $50/year.

To get started or for more information contact us

CD and/or LP releases

The music industry today is really MUCH different from what it was back in the 1980s. Today musicians use the internet and the social media to expose their music to a globalized audience.

In addition, fans “consume” music in very different ways too. Back then, it was Radio, Magazines and Top of the Pops. Do you remember the time when you had to wait for ages onto the radio to get to listen to one or two Metal tunes?

In the age of youtube and digital downloads people have the option to listen to tens of different new (and old) bands in a matter of minutes.

So who needs physical products like CDs or vinyl anymore? Well, this is a very big discussion and the creators of this website are very much in favor of physical products! Just like you, we grew up with the smell of vinyl, tape-trading and then with CDs. Simply we cannot do without spinning our music.

We support all the labels that still today release music on CD and LP. Downloads are disposable while physical products last for decades and are passed on to future generations.

We can release your music on CD and/or vinyl. There is enough experience working with labels in the past and we will provide full support from this website and elsewhere.

Whether you want to re-release your past recordings or you want to release your music for first time on CD or even if you have brand new material, drop us a line and we can discuss it further.