Contribute is an online encyclopedia. As such, information that is presented herein has been double and triple checked on different resources to make sure of its accuracy.

Everyone is welcome and very much encouraged to submit information about anything NWOBHM related to the encyclopedia. However, since we are trying to maintain a semi-academic standard a few simple rules apply:

Information submitted for bands already existing on the site must be accomplished by at least two references/proofs. Emails with just information and no references will be ignored.

What kind of information you should submit:

•    Discography related: country-specific releases, limited editions, demos, catalogue numbers etc we might have missed
•    Information about historical facts like gigs, notable tours, line-up changes, unreleased material and everything else worth mentioned

What kinds of references are accepted:

•    Scans and/or photos of any document or product that is sufficient proof
•    Links to reliable websites/forums. Note that this might be tricky. It is quite common all across the web to recycle (in other words, to copy/paste) the same unsupported information over and over.

We also welcome material such as:

•    Band photos and photos of places like studios, venues, pubs that had significant role to the movement in the early 1980s.
•    Scans and/or photos of posters, flyers, press cuttings, magazine & fanzine covers and all kinds of vintage memorabilia

If you were or still are a band member there is no need to provide proof. Your word is enough!

Submitting information about bands that are not yet featured on the encyclopedia:

Take a few minutes to study the structure and the taxonomy of a typical band page. This is more or less the way you need to present the information. Again, unless you were a band member where no proofs are needed, you must submit a list of references that will justify the submitted information.

To start submitting you need to go to the contact page

We value your effort and time you spend to help the encyclopedia expand. All contributors will be credited and if you are involved in a band, webzine, radio or any other music related project we will include a link back to your site.

Maybe you are a bit more serious about contributing

If you think you got the time to offer some dedication to the encyclopedia and contribute in time-sensitive manner then we can offer rewards!

Currently, there are several bands missing or in “coming up soon” status. Help us quickly fill in the gaps and finish all the bands down to the letter “Z” and get some pocket money or some free CDs! Sounds interesting? Drop us a line to get started now!