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Line Up
Dave King (v)
Mick Percy (g)
Brian Smith (b)
Paul Atkinson (d) – also in Skyclad

Jason Holt (g)
Steve Hardy (g)
John Stormont (g) – also in Spartan Warrior
Colin Simpson (g)
Ian McCormack (d) – also in Pariah, Satan and Cronos
Ian Thompson (d) – also in Tokyo Rose, Metal Mirror and Dark Heart
Stewart Curtin (d)
Ricky Squires (d) – also in dEAd ENd KIdS, Beyond Jovi, Salem and Heavy Metal Kids

– In the early 1980s Battleaxe toured with Saxon and also played with bands such as Twisted Sister, Anvil, Madam X, Girlschool and many more
– Battleaxe appeared on several compilations, here are some of the most significant:
Roxcalibur” (LP, Guardian, 1982) with the tracks ‘Burn This Town’ and ‘Battleaxe’. Also on CD by British Steel (1998)
Hell On Earth” (LP, Music For Nations, 1983) with ‘Ready To Deliver’. The same track is also featured on “Metal Battle” (LP, Roadrunner, 1983)
Welcome To The Metal Zone” (2LP, Music For Nations, 1985) with the track ‘Chopper Attack’.
– A CD with the title “Axed – Unreleased, Demos and Rarities” was planned by Sound King in 2005 but it never came out.

BATTLEAXE - Burn This Town 7" single


Burn This Town

7″ Guardian (1982) GRC 132

1. Burn This Town
2. Battleaxe

*No picture sleeve




Burn This Town

BATTLEAXE - Burn This Town

original cover

BATTLEAXE - Burn This Town Bernett Records LP

Bernett Records LP cover

BATTLEAXE - Burn This Town Sound King CD

Sound King CD cover

BATTLEAXE - Burn This Town SPV 2013

SPV 2013 cover


LP Music For Nations (1983) MFN 8
LP Roadrunner (1983) RR 9900
LP Bernett Records (1984) SB 18013
CD FEMS Roadrunner (1994) APCY-8170 (Japan)
CD Sound King (2005) SKECD 001
CD Roadrunner (2009) RR 9900
CD SPV GmbH (2013) SPV 266342CD

1. Ready To Deliver
2. Her Mama Told Her
3. Burn This Town
4. Dirty Rocker
5. Overdrive
6. Running Out Of Time
7. Battleaxe
8. Star Maker
9. Thor-Thunder Angel
10. Hands Off

*30th Anniversary re-release by SPV includes the BBC Radio 1 Session from 1983 as bonus tracks:
11. Ready To Deliver
12. Shout It Out
13. Mean Machine
14. Running Out Of Time

*Russian bootleg almost identical to the Roadrunner 2009 CD also in circulation

BATTLEAXE - Power From The Universe


Power From The Universe

LP Music For Nations (1984) MFN 25
LP Roadrunner (1984) RR 9845
LP Roadrunner (1984) IRD-009 (Canada)
LP Attic (1984) RRR-201
LP FEMS (1984) SP25-5149 (Japan)
CASSETTE (1984) Roadracer IRDT 009
CD Roadrunner (1984) RR 9845
CD FEMS (1994) APCY-8169 (Japan)
CD Sound King (2005) SKECD002
CD Roadrunner (2009) RR 9845 (bootleg)
CD Steamhammer (2014) SPV 266352 CD

1. Chopper Attack
2. Movin’ Metal Rock
3. License To Rock
4. Fortune Lady
5. Shout It Out
6. Over The Top
7. Power From The Unverse
8. Make It In America

*Produced by Tony Wilson (Friday Rock Show)
*30th Anniversary re-release by Steamhammer includes the following bonus tracks recorded in the mid 1980s:
11. Killer Woman
12. Radio Thunder
13. My Love’s On Fire
14. Love Sick Man

Burn This Town / Power From The Universe

CASSETTE Roadrunner (1986) RR 49649

*All the tracks of the two albums on one tape

BATTLEAXE - Live n Kicking


Live n Kicking

CD self-released (????)

1. Bad Luck Struck
2. Metal Rock
3. Chopper Attack
4. Forged Futureproof
5. License to Rock
6. Demon Queen
7. Dead End Street
8. Shout It Out
9. Can There Be a Light
10. Mean Machine
11. Drum Solo
12. Killer Woman
13. Out in the Night
14. Ready to Deliver
15. Power of the Universe

*Recorded live during their 1985 UK tour

BATTLEAXE - Nightmare Zone


Nightmare Zone

MCD Sound King (2005) SKECD 003

1. Killer Woman
2. Radio Thunder
3. Love’s On Fire
4. Out In The Night (Live in London)

*Recordings are from 1987



BATTLEAXE - Heavy Metal Sanctuary


Heavy Metal Sanctuary

CD Steamhammer (2014) SPV 266362 CD

1. Heavy Metal Sanctuary
2. Shock And Awe
3. Hail To The King
4. Rebel With A Cause
5. Give It More
6. Too Hot For Hell
7. Revolution
8. A Prelude To Battle / The Legions Unite
9. Spirits Of The Fallen
10. Devil Calls
11. Kingdom Come
12. Romeo

*Russian bootleg in jewelcase also in circulation