Shywolf Location: Heanor | Website:  official | facebook   Line Up Darren Travis (v) Phil Toone (v,g) - also in Spoonfull and Sandfly Mick Kitchener (b) - also in Florence Smith's Electric Leg, Orphan, Spoonfull, Ted Turnip and the Whistling Worms, The Pushrods and The Fog Adam Peacock (d) Steve Littlewood (b) - also in Spoonfull and The Great Pretender Jay Melbourne (d) - also in Mammas Boys and U.F.O Ali Sisson (d) Holly Carter (k) Notes: - Shywolf's history goes back to 1976-1979 with the band Spoonfull who only released the 7" single "Troubled Times" on Pye Records. - Spoonfull reformed in 1980 and were featured on the compilation "Brum Beat Live At The Barrel Organ" (LP, Big Bear Records, 1980) with 'On Your Trail' and 'Nine Til Five'. Changed the name to Blitz and kept it for about a year or so. During this time they supported Budgie (1981). In 1982 the name changed to Shywolf. - Folded in 1985 reformed in 2006 - Current drummer Adam Peacock is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing in a variety of diverse bands and projects since the 1970s and also runs his own music tuition school - True in the DIY spirit of the 1980s Shywolf released their recent as well as their older material in CDr's which are available directly from their website - Main-man Phil Toone is still writing under the name of ShyWolf for various publishers both in the UK and also in the U.S. - All the old Spoonfull and ShyWolf recordings, live and studio are available to download on most digital platforms like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music etc
SHYWOLF - Lucretia   Lucretia 7" self-released (1982) SW 001 1. Lucretia 2. California Jam    
SHYWOLF - Mini Studio Demo 1983   Demo 1983 CASSETTE self-released (1983) CDr self-released (2010) 1. Speed 2. Lord Kerass 3. I'm Leaving 4. Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys
SHYWOLF - Revisited (2010) Revisited (2010) CDr self-released (2010) 1. Speed 2. Wild 'n' High 3. Mexican Tan (The American Tragedy) 4. Happy Days On The Run 5. Andalucia Blues 6. Lord Kerass 7. Busted In Memphis Blues 8. Straight From The Heart 9. The Bible Of Sins 10. Lady Driver 11. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 12. The State I'm In 13. I'm Leavin' 14. Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys 15. Lucretia
SHYWOLF - Live In Derby - UK (1983) Live In Derby - UK (1983) CDr self-released (2010) 1. Speed 2. The State I'm In 3. Wild 'n' High 4. Look Out 5. The Bible of Sins 6. Ohio 7. Lord Kerass 8. I'm Leavin' 9. Lucretia 10. Lady Driver 11. Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys 12. Assassination 13. California Jam *Live recording as performed in Alfreton, Derbyshire
SHYWOLF - Lucretia DVDr   Lucretia DVDr self-released (2010) 1. Lucretia *DIY by the band, featuring a pro live video recording that was filmed in 1982 in London for TV. Only 3 originals were ever produced (on VCR)    
SHYWOLF - Return To The FrayReturn To The Fray CDr self-released (2012) 1. Rockin' The Blue Nun 2. Why Baby Lie To Me Blues 3. Please Help Me 4. The Winner Loses 5. Sit Back 6. Mexican Tan 7. Let It Be (Beatles cover) 8. You Ain't No Lady 9. Lucretia 10. Return To The Fray 11. Please Help Me (Acoustic Bonus Track) *Released as Phil Toone's New ShyWolf
SHYWOLF - Kilbanny Town   Kilbanny Town CDr self-released (2015) 1. Kilbanny Town 2. Mexican Tan 3. Return To The Fray 4. Web Of Desire
SHYWOLF - Kilbanny Town DVD   Kilbanny Town DVDr self-released (2015) 1. Kilbanny Town *Written by Phil Toone as a tribute to his friend Gary Moore

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