Savage Location: Mansfield | Website: official | facebook Line Up Chris Bradley (v,b) - also in XL Andy Dawson (g) - also in Red, Rebel, Clownhouse, Quango, Husk, Moto, Republic and Blakshine Kristian Bradley (g) - also in Metal-X Mark Nelson (d) - also in Fahrenheit, Red, Clownhouse, Quango, Husk, Hepworth, Modes Of Transport, Amazing Planes and solo Chris Gent (v) Teggi (g) - also in Tyga Myra Lee Statham (g) Andy Bradbury (g) Wayne Renshaw (g) - also in Rebel Dave Lindley (d) - also in Wildlife and Witchfynde Simon Dawson (d) Mark Brown (d) - also in Rebel and Tyrant Mick Percival (d) Richard Kirke (d) Notes: - Formed in 1977 as a covers band of their favorite heroes: Thin Lizzy, UFO, Deep Purple and Van Halen. - As early as 1982 Metallica covered their track 'Let It Loose' - In 1984 they toured Europe on the same bill with Metallica and Venom - Split up in 1986. Reunited in 1995 - Current guitarist Kristian Bradley is the son of Chris Bradley (v,b) and drummer Mark Nelson is the nephew of Andy Dawson (g) - Notable compilations including Savage: "Scene Of The Crime" (LP, Suspect Records, 1981) with 'Let It Loose' "Metal Fatigue" (LP, Ebony Records, 1982) with 'Ain't No Fit Place' "Axe Attack" (LP, M Port Records, 1985) with 'We Got The Edge' "The Best Of British" (LP, Zebra Records, 1985) with 'We Got The Edge' "Lead Weight" (CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with 'Let It Loose' "Lightnin' To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection" (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005) with 'Let It Loose' "Full Metal Garage: The Songs That Drove Metallica" (2CD, Castle Music, 2006) with 'Let It Loose' and 'Dirty Money'
Demo 1979 1. Back On The Road 2. She Don't Need You 3. Let It Loose
No Cause To Kill Demo 1980 1. No Cause To Kill 2. The Devil Take You
SAVAGE - Ain't No Fit Place   Ain't No Fit Place 7" Ebony Records (1982) EBON 10 1. Ain't No Fit Place 2. The China Run *Issued without a picture sleeve  
SAVAGE - Loose 'n Lethal   Loose 'n Lethal LP Ebony Records (1983) EBON 12 CD Neat Metal (1997) NM017 CD Neat Metal (1997) PCCY-01079 (Japan) CD Metal Blade Records (1997) 3984-14317-2 CD Krescendo Records (2008) KRECD22 1. Let It Loose 2. Cry Wolf 3. Berlin 4. Dirty Money 5. Ain't No Fit Place 6. On The Rocks 7. The China Run 8. White Hot *Bonus tracks on the Neat Metal, Metal Blade and Krescendo CDs: 9. No Cause To Kill (Demo 1980) 10. The Devil Take You (Demo 1980) 11. Back On The Road (Demo 1979) *Bonus tracks on the Japanese Neat Metal CD: 9. No Cause To Kill (Demo 1980) 10. The Devil Take You (Demo 1980) 11. Back On The Road (Demo 1979) 12. She Don't Need You (Demo 1979) 13. Let It Loose (Demo 1979) *At least three bootleg CDs are circulating: 1) Unknown year of release, no label mentioned but has catalogue number MG 097 and features the same tracklisting with the Neat Metal, Metal Blade and Krescendo CDs 2) Unknown year of release, Neat Metal Records and cat# 3984-14317-2. Same tracklisting with the Japanese Neat Metal CD 3) 2albums-in-1CD bootleg by Reborn Classics pressed in 1993 which also features "Court In The Act" by Satan
SAVAGE - We Got The Edge   We Got The Edge 12" Axe Killer Records (1984) 7002 12" Zebra Records (1984) 12 RA4 1. We Got The Edge 2. Runnin' Scared 3. She Don't Need You  
SAVAGE - Hyperactive   Hyperactive LP Axe Killer Records (1985) 7016 B LP Zebra Records (1985) ZEB 4 CASSETTE Zebra Records (1985) CD British Steel (1997) CD METAL 10 CD Krescendo Records (2011) KRECD59 1. We Got The Edge 2. Eye For An Eye 3. Hard On Your Heels 4. Blind Hunger 5. Gonna Tear Ya Heart Out 6. Stevies Vengeance 7. Cardiac 8. All Set To Sting 9. Keep It On Ice *Bonus tracks on the Cassette: Runnin' Scared She Didn't Need You *Bonus tracks on the British Steel and Krescendo CDs 10. Runnin' Scared 11. She Didn't Need You 12. We Got The Edge (Single Version)
Demo 1986 1. Ground Zero 2. This Means War 3. Streets Of Fire
SAVAGE - Holy Wars   Holy Wars CD Neat Metal (1995) NM004 CD Neat Metal (1995) PCCY-00891 (Japan) 1. Headstrong (Cult Of One) 2. Anthem 3. How? 4. This Means War 5. Down 'n' Dangerous (Machine Gun) 6. Suffer The Children 7. Fashion By Force 8. Twist 9. Streets Of Fire 10. Let The World Go Crazy 11. Glory Boys 12. Let It Loose '95 *Bonus tracks on the Japanese pressing: 13. Hot 'N' Ready 14. Are You Ready
SAVAGE - Babylon   Babylon CD Neat Metal (1996) NM016 CD Neat Metal (1996) PCCY-01067 (Japan) 1. Space Cowboy 2. Temple Of Deceit 3. Babylon 4. Rainmaker 5. Snake Dance 6. Cyberhead 7. TV Nation 8. Rat Race 9. Sister Sleaze 10. No Ordinary Day   *Bonus track on the Japanese pressing: 11. Ain't No Fit Place
SAVAGE - Xtreme Machine   Xtreme Machine CD Neat Metal (2000) NM042 1. Control Freak 2. Smiling Assassin 3. Choke 4. Extreme Machine 5. Promised Land 6. Drowning Man 7. Creepshow 8. Living With Uncertainty 9. Thorns 10. New Messiah 11. Evil We Can Do 12. Hyde
SAVAGE - This Ain't No Fit Place The Best Of Savage   This Ain't No Fit Place The Best Of Savage CD Neat Records (2002) CMRCD591 1. Control Freak 2. Choke 3. Space Cowboy 4. Babylon 5. Temple Of Deceit 6. Headstrong 7. Anthem 8. Down And Dangerous 9. This Means War 10. How? 11. Let It Loose '95 12. Ain't No Fit Place 13. Berlin 14. Cry Wolf 15. China Run 16. No Cause to Kill 17. The Devil Take You *Tracks 1-2 from "Xtreme Machine" Tracks 3-5 from "Babylon" Tracks 6-11 from "Holy Wars" Tracks 12-15 from "Loose 'n Lethal" Tracks 16-17 from "Demo 1980"
SAVAGE - Live Aardshock 1984   Live Aardshock 1984 Picture Disc Heavy Metal Super Star Records (2010) HMSS-CD-097 3x Picture Disc Heavy Metal Super Star Records (2010) HMSS-CD-097 1. Let It Loose 2. Ain't No Fit Place 3. We Got The Edge 4. White Hot 5. On The Rocks 6. Keep It On Ice 7. Stevie's Vengeance 8. The China Run 9. Dirty Money *Picture Disc limited to 213 copies *3x Picture Disc limited to 70 hand-numbered copies
SAVAGE - Sons of Malice   Sons Of Malice CD Minuszzebra (2012) M2Z114 2LP High Roller Records (2013) HRR 278 1. The Rage Within 2. Black N Blue 3. Sons Of Malice 4. The Hanging Tree 5. Monkey On My Back 6. Junkyard Dogs 7. Blow 8. Waking The Dead 9. Choose Revolution 10. NOW 11. Look At Yourself 12. Master Of War 13. Fallen Idols *Extra tracks on the 2LP: 14. Better Believe It 15. Holy Water 16. Murder From The Skies 17. The Hanging Tree (Alternate Version) *2LP limited to 500 copies, 150 in black and 350 in clear vinyl
SAVAGE - 7 / Live N Lethal   7/Live N Lethal 2CD Minuszzebra (2015) M2Z777 CD1 1. I Am The Law 2. Lock 'n' Load 3. Empire Of Hate 4. Super Spy 5. Circus Of Fools 6. Crazy Horse 7. Speed Freak 8. The Road To Avalon [Sins Of The Fathers] 9. Children Of The Night 10. Paybacks A Bitch 11. Shake The Tree 12. Heads Will Roll CD2 1. Prelude To Rage 2. The Rage Within 3. Black 'n' Blue 4. White Hot 5. The China Run 6. On The Rocks 7. Aint No Fit Place 8. Dirty Money 9. Berlin 10. Cry Wolf 11. Let It Loose 12. Smilin Assassin 13. We Got The Edge *CD1 has brand new songs, CD2 includes live recordings
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