Location: Wisbech | Website: n/a Line Up Mickie Shaw (v) Gary Wallace (g) Paul Douglas (b) Dave Maile (d) Roger Perriam (k) Sean Wright (v) - also in Hollywood Wires and solo Notes: - Apparently Marillion supported International Heroes on several gigs in 1982 before becoming huge - The band made anouncements for a second and a third 7" in 1982 and 1983 but nothing is known to have been released. - Frontman Sean Wright was the co-manager of the all female Swedish Thrash band, Ice Age. From April 2007 until March 2009 he fulfilled a project called "Album-a-Month" writing, recording, producing, and releasing physical CDs via CD Baby and mp3 album downloads via Last FM. One every month! - Drummer Dave Maile had professional success as an artist manager, A&R representative and rock journalist --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strange Situation
SEAN WRIGHT - Strange Situation

Ellie Jay Records


Heavy Leather Records

                    7" Ellie Jay Records (1978) EJSP 8624 7" Heavy Leather Records (1982) HLR 666 1. Strange Situation 2. Silent Dreams *The Ellie Jay edition was released as Sean Wright and was pressed in 500 copies out of which picture sleeves had only 50 copies.  

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