Idol Rich Location:¬†Gloucester | Website: n/a Line Up Stuart John Neale (aka Snake) (v) - also in Tobruk, The Wildhearts, The 4teens and Stranger Nick Burr (g) - also in Bad Back Band, Friction, Battlezone, Killers, Legion, Lionsheart, Midnight Blue, Passion and Tyrant Tim Jones (g) - also in Hooker, Passion and Wizards Of Oz Nick Hughes (b) - also in Persian Risk and Wizards of Oz Eddie Fincher (d) - also in Tobruk, No Sweat, Jagged Edge and Midnight Blue Mark Thompson-Smith (v) - also in Big Life, Praying Mantis, After Hours, Flight 19 and Touche Lee Doherty (v) - also in Redline, Shock Promise and Love & War Andy Norton (v) - also in Hooker and Nilon Bombers Geoff Curtis (b) - also in Grim Reaper and Lorien Mike Fisher (d) Notes: - Recorded a Friday Rock Show (broadcasted on August 14th, 1987) with the tracks: 'Dirty Dreams', 'L.O.U', 'First Time', and 'Just When I Thought I Had It All' - Their last singer, Stuart John Neale (Snake) passed away on December 20th, 2006 at the age of 43 - The two DVD-r releases mentioned below are transfers from video tapes. They were filmed, transferred to DVD and released by a close friend of the band. These DVDs were also sold on ebay and it is not known how many copies were circulated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDOL RICH - Working Girls   Working Girls 12" Stax Management (1985) SRT SKL 624 1. Dirty Dreams 2. Paint Your Face 3. Wind Up 4. City Streets *Self-released limited to 1000 copies     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASSETTE self-released (1986) 1. High Heaven 2. Boys Are Missing Out 3. All For Your Love 4. Without Love 5. Fire Fire *Official release sold by the band - title is uknown --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDOL RICH - Live At The Roundabout ¬† Live At The Roundabout DVD-r MJI Production (200?) 1. One Night 2. First Time 3. Born too Late 4. I Owe You 5. Back Down to Zero 6. Jackie 7. City Streets 8. Dirty Dreams 9. Action 10. Falling 11. Paridise *Video recording of one of their last gigs in 1988. The line up was Snake (v), Nick Burr (g), Tim Jones (g), Nick Hughes (b) and Eddie Fincher (d)   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDOL RICH - Live At Cheltenham Town Hall   Live At Cheltenham Town Hall DVD-r MJI Production (200?) 1. One Night 2. City Streets 3. Fire Fire 4. Working Girls 5. Paint Your Face 6. Boys Are Missing Out 7. Dirty Dreams *Filmed in 1987 or 1988 and the line up was Mark Thompson Smith (v), Nick Burr (g), Tim Jones (g), Nick Hughes (b) and Mike Curtis (d)     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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