Deluge Location: Orpington | Website: n/a Line Up Wayne Gevaux (v) Jerry Playle (g) Rob Jakeway (g) Mike Goode (b) Paul Orchard (d) - also in Sanctus Anthony LaCroix (g) Dave Sivyer (d) - also in Phobia, Aquila and The Toy Planets Shaun Hadawy (d) Notes: - Active during 1980-1982 - Apparently an unreleased EP also exists and has three recordings from 1982: 'Roll Bar Blues', 'Lenny' and 'Morning Thoughts'
Alone (The Gold Dust Tapes) 7" self-released (1980) 1. Alone 2. Tempest IV 3. Satan's Monologue
Demo 1981 1. Heat 2. Against The Tide 3. Rhyme And Reason
Demo 1981 1. Winter 2. Tempest
Demo 1982 1. Fade 2. Haunted    

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