Spartan Warrior

Spartan Warrior 2012

Location: Sunderland | Website: facebook

Line Up
Dave Wilkinson (v) – also in Deceiver
Neil Wilkinson (g) – also in Deceiver and Waysted
Dan Rochester (g) – also in Vacivus, Starborn and Cruciamentum
Tim Morton (b) – also in Moriarti and the Sith
James Charlton (d) – also in Risen Prophecy and Starborn

Steve Taylor (v)
John Stormont (g) – also in Battleaxe
Baz Warne (g) – also in The Stranglers, Toy Dolls, The Troubleshooters, Smalltown Heroes and Sun Devils
Paul Swaddle (g)
Mark Chapple (g)
Tom Spencer (b) – also in Deceiver
Gordon Webster (d) – also in Deceiver

– Formed in 1980 from the ashes of local bands Deceiver and Cloud and quickly gained a big following in the North East of England
– The stellar response to their debut album led to a contract with Roadrunner. However, in 1985, after a full lenght LP with Roadrunner the band spilt up.
– Reformed in 2008 with four original members. The following years Spartan Warrior released more albums and played several gigs and festivals across Europe and the UK

Compilations that feature Spartan Warrior:
-“Pure Overkill” (LP, Guardian Records n’ Tapes, 1983) with ‘Steel ‘n’ Chains’ and ‘Comes As No Surprise’
-“The Metal Machine” (LP, Roadrunner Records, 1984) with ‘Mercenary’
-“100% Pure Metal Sampler” (LP, Roadrunner Records, 1984) with ‘Assassin’
-“Headbangers Open Air 2011” (2DVD, Hellion Records, 2012) with ‘Steel ‘n’ Chains’, ‘Witchfinder’ and ‘French Girls’



Steel N’ Chains

LP Guardian Records N’ Tapes (1983) GRC 2164
CD Hot Metal Records (2004) PD 751529

1. Cold Hearted
2.. Stormer
3. Easy Prey
4.. Breakin’ Sweat
5. Steel N’ Chains
6. It’s Alright
7. Hell Hath No Mercy
8. Don’t Wanna Be A Loser
9. Witchfinder
10. Hunted

*CD by Hot Metal Records is a bootleg

SPARTAN WARRIOR - Spartan Warrior


Spartan Warrior

LP Roadrunner Records (1984) RR 9847
LP Roadrunner Records (1984) RRR 205
LP Far East Metal Syndicate (1985) SP25-5193
CASSETTE Roadrunner Records (1984) RRR 205
CD Hot Metal Records (2004) PD 751529
CD Metal Mind Productions (2009) MASS CD 1305 DG

1. Assassin
2. Black Widow
3. I’m On Heat
4. Son Of A Bitch
5. Sentenced To Die
6. Hanging On
7. Mercenary
8. French Girls
9. Broken Promises

*Two different pressings from 1984 by Roadrunner with the same Catalogue Number: RR 9847. Just a few differences between the two, most notably on the vinyl labels where one version has “Assassin” as the album title.
*CD by Hot Metal Records is a bootleg
*CD by Metal Mind limited to 2000 copies

SPARTAN WARRIOR - Behind Closed Eyes

Behind Closed Eyes

CD Iron Age Records (2010) IRON010

1. Never Take Me Alive
2. Last Man Standing
3. Tear Out Your Heart
4. Loud n Proud
5. Behind Closed Eyes
6. As Good As It Gets
7. Walking The Line
8. Time
9. Love’s A Game
10. Flesh And Blood

SPARTAN WARRIOR - 30th Anniversary


30th Anniversary

CD single Self-Released (2013)

1. Easy Prey
2. Steel N’ Chains

*Two tracks from the early 1980s re-recorded with the 2013 line-up






Hell To Pay

CD Pure Steel Records (2018) PSRCD156
CD Hellion Records (2019) HEL 1336
LP Pure Steel Records (2018) PSRLP080

1. Hell To Pay
2. Bad Attitude
3. Letting Go
4. Court Of Clowns
5. Something To Believe In
6. Walls Fall Down
7. Shadowland
8. Covered In Lust
9. Fallen
10. In Memorium

*LP limited to 300 copies