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Line Up
Karl Reders (v)
Tony Foster (g)
Steve Reders (g)
Tony Warren (b)
Paul Reders (d)

Trev Morgan (v)
Mark Henshaw (v)
Dave Drury (g)

– Formed in 1979 from the ashes of Xerox, a local Mansfield band who were active since 1978
– Sparta’s debut single “Fast Lane” was named ‘Single of the Week’ in Sounds magazine!
– Shared the stage with names such as Diamond Head, Limelight, Praying Mantis, Lionheart, Budgie, The Ken Hensley Band, The Groundhogs and many others
– Recorded two sessions for Radio Hallam. The tapes from the first session presumed lost. The second session was recorded with one-time vocalist Trev Morgan in 1982
– From mid to late 1980’s Sparta went through a few line-up changes, recorded one demo but disbanded in 1990
– Reformed in 2012, played a few festivals and gigs and thus far recorded two albums.
– Sparta appears with ‘Lords Of Time’ on the compilation “Scene Of The Crime” (LP, Suspect Records, 1981)

SPARTA - Fast Lane


Fast Lane

7″ Suspect Records (1980) SUS 1
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7008

1. Fast Lane
2. Fighting To Be Free

*Bootleg by Phoenix Records limited to 250 copies in blue vinyl



SPARTA - Tonight



7″ Suspect Records (1980) SUS 2
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7009

1. Tonight
2. Angel Of Death

*Bootleg by Phoenix Records with slightly different cover limited to 250 copies in bllue vinyl


SPARTA - Sparta



LP Hades Paradise Records (2005) HP 006

1. Rock Don’t Roll
2. Boy King
3. Fast Lane
4. Angel Of Death
5. Tonight
6. Lords Of Time
7. Fighting To Be Free


*Tracks 1-5 Demo recordings from 1981, track 6 from the “Scene Of The Crime” compilation and track 7 from the first single.

SPARTA - Use Your Weapons Well


Use Your Weapons Well

2CD High Roller Records (2011) HRR 188 CD
2LP + 7″ High Roller Records (2011) HRR 188

1. Fast Lane
2. Fighting To Be Free
3. Angel Of Death
4. Tonight
5. Lords Of Time
6. Rock For You
7. Gods Of War
8. Street Walking
9. Shady Lady
10. Lady Evil
11. Hot Rock
12. Crossfire
13. In League
14. Welcome To My Nightmare
15. Legends
16. Assassin
17. Dr. Bill
18. Lord And Master
19. Rich Bitch
20. Wild Touch
21. Trees And Fields
22. Rock Don’t Roll
23. Boy King
24. Fast Lane (Alternate Take)
25. Tonight (Alternate Take)

*2LP + 7″ limited to 750 copies: 400 in black, 200 in white and 150 in black/white splatter vinyl

SPARTA - Welcome To Hell


Welcome To Hell

CD High Roller Records (2014) HRR349CD
LP High Roller Records (2014) HRR349

1. Welcome To Hell
2. Angel Of Death (2013)
3. Time
4. Soldier Of Fortune
5. Wild Night
6. Dreaming Of Evil
7. Arrow
8. Rock And Roll Rebel
9. Kingdom Of The Sky
10. Death To Disco

*LP limited to 500 copies: 350 pressed in black and 150 in white vinyl

SPARTA - No Retreat No Surrender


No Retreat No Surrender

CD Suspect Records (2016) SUSP5

1. No Retreat No Surrender
2. Dark Of Your Mind
3. Right To Fight
4. Lords Of Time
5. Land Of Mystery
6. Stand Up For Heavy Rock And Metal
7. Flight Of The Storm King
8. We Are Gods
9. Victory


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