Soldier 1981

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Line Up
Richard Frost (v) – also in Falcon, The Screamin’ Lords and Strida
Ian Dick (g) – also in Fret
Miles Goodman (g) – also in Burnt Out Wreck, Still Remains and Untamed
Steve Barlow (b)
Tim Churchman (d) – also in ShadowKeep, Ark, IQ, Tony Mills, Dec Burke (Frost), Darwins Radio and Spirit Of Rush.

Garry Phillips (v) (1979-1983, 2002-2011)
Phil Lewis (v) (1984) – also in Girl, Torme, New Torpedos, Liberators, The London Cowboys, Airrace, Filthy Lucre and L.A. Guns
Al Cannam (g) (1979-1980)
Nick Bicknell (g) (1981-1983) – also in Alien Heat, The Gems and Death Trap
Nick Lashley (g) (1982-1983, 2003) – also in Alanis Morrissette
Ram Tiwary (b) (1979-1980)
Mark McKenzie (b) (1984) – also in Gaskin
Pete Gordelier (b) (2012-2013) – also in Angel Witch, Marquis de Sade and Blind Fury
Dave Harrison (b) (2013)
Steve Garner (d) (1979-1980)
Ian Astrop (d) (1980-1981, 2002-2003)
Steve Taylor (d) (1981-1984) – also in Distrainers and Urchin
Alex Smith (d) (2003 – 2013) – also in The Lost Children, Gunning for Goliath, Revelations, and Tortion

– Formed in 1979. Soldier’s first ever recording was the track ‘Magician’
– Gigged intensively and supported Budgie and Wishbone Ash among others
– 1984 finds Soldier being fronted by Phil Lewis (ex-Girl, LA Guns etc). Negotiations for inking a deal with Music For Nations were also taking place at the time but unfortunately nothing came out of it and the band split up.
– Re-united in 2003 with the MKII line-up. A couple of line-up changes, the first full lenght album, more gigs and split up in 2007.
– Re-united again in 2011 and while members come and go, Soldier proudly continues to play gigs and festivals as well as record new songs.
– Soldier appear on the following compilations:
Heavy Metal Heroes” (LP, Heavy Metal Records, 1981) with ‘Storm Of Steel’
NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 3” (CD, British Steel, 1997) with ‘Sheralee’ and ‘Force’
Total Metal Attack” (CD, Old School Records, 2004) with ‘Natural High’
Winds Of Time: The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal 1979-1985” (3CD, Cherry Red Records, 2018) with ‘Insanity’

SOLDIER - Live Forces cassette

cassette jacket

SOLDIER - Live Forces CD

CD cover

Live Forces

CASSETTE Self-released (1982)
CD Rotten Leather Prods (2019) RLP017

1. Lost And Found
2. Lost In Time
3. Man From Berlin
4. Stay
5. Force
6. Making A Stand
7. Infantrycide
8. Bad To Good

*Two versions of this cassette were circulated, one has an extra track (‘Bad To Good’)

SOLDIER - Sheralee



7″ Heavy Metal Records (1982) HEAVY 12
CD single Skol Records (2016) UK 005

1. Sheralee
2. Force

*The 7″ (in plain white sleeve) was also included in a “Collectors Pack” that was released by Heavy Metal Records in the early 1980s. The pack also included two more 7″ vinyls: The Handsome Beasts – Sweeties and Shiva – Rock Lives On as well as colored print photos and the label’s catalogue sheet.
*CD single release by Skol Records is a replica of the 7″ with the original artwork etc limited to 500 copies.

SOLDIER - Infantrycide



CD EP Hellion Records (2003) HEL276

1. Infantrycide
2. Come On Down
3. Silver Screen Teaser
4. Paradox



SOLDIER - Heavy Metal Force


Heavy Metal Force

CD Hellion Records (2004) HEL0228

1. Sheralee
2. Force
3. Magician
4. Silver Screen Teaser
5. For You
6. Fire In My Heart (live)
7. Lost In Time (live)
8. Making A Stand (live)
9. Man From Berlin (live)
10. Lost And Found (live)
11. Bad To Good (live)
12. Infantrycide (live)
13. I’m Taken In

*Compilation with tracks from the “Live Forces” release, the tracks of the Sheralee 7″, early demos plus one recording from 2003 (Track 13)

SOLDIER - Murderous Night


Murderous Night

7″ Killer Metal Records (2004) KMR-S001

1. Murderous Night
2. I’m Taken In

*Red vinyl limited to 500 copies




SOLDIER - Sins Of The Warrior


Sins Of The Warrior

CD Heavy Metal Records (2005) HMR XD245
CD Dissonance Productions (2016) DISS034CDD

1. In My Room
2. Storm Of Steel
3. Sins Of the Warrior
4. I Still Believe
5. Fire In My Heart
6. Murderous Night
7. Halfway There (Heavy Metal Maniacs)
8. Walls Come Tumbling Down
9. Darkest Heart
10. Natural High
11. Starhaven

*Two different versions by Dissonance Productions with the same Catalogue number. One in digipack and one in slipcase.

SOLDIER - Dogs Of War


Dogs Of War

CD Starhaven (2013)
2LP High Roller Records (2014) HRR 332

1. Dogs Of War
2. I Can’t Breathe
3. Fireflies
4. The Eye
5. Lock n’ Load
6. Bedlam
7. Demon In The Room
8. I Am
9. Forever
10. Take Me Home
11. No Man’s Land
12. Sheralee
13. Crash Course
14. Hanging Tree

*2LP by High Roller limited to 500 copies: 150 in black and 350 in transparent purple vinyl

SOLDIER - Recorded Live @ The Heathery, Wishaw In Scotland 1983


Recorded Live @ The Heathery, Wishaw In Scotland 1983

CD Starhaven Records (2014)

1. Man From Berlin
2. Lost In Time
3. Force
4. Sheralee
5. Bad To Good
6. Stay
7. Infantrycide


SOLDIER - Chronicles



2CD Starhaven Records (2014)

1. Circuit Breaker
2. Dirty Doris
3. Blind Destiny
4. Insanity
5. Silver Bullet
6. No Chance For Tomorrow
7. Fire In My Heart
8. Infantrycide
9. Don’t Throw Your Life Away
10. Stay
11. Heartbreak Zone
12. Charlotte Russe

CD 2
1. Circuit Breaker
2. Storm Of Steel (Unreleased Version)
3. Insanity / Jam
4. Lost In Time
5. Under The Gun
6. Man From Berlin
7. Magician
8. Force / Six Foot Under
9. Wired
10. Infantrycide
11. Making A Stand
12. Lost And Found
13. Lost In Time
14. Bad To Good

*Compilation of material recorded at different times during the different periods of the band.

SOLDIER - Defiant



CD Starhaven Records (2015) SHR2015CD
LP Hellion Records (2016) HE 761015

1. Conquistador
2. Leaving
3. Kill Or Cure
4. Concrete Wilderness
5. Fight Or Fall
6. Dead Mans Curve
7. Bullet Belt Blues
8. Six Hundred
9. A Light To See The Darkness
10. Don’t Come Crying To Me (Defiant)

*LP limited to 300 copies: 200 in black and 100 in red vinyl

SOLDIER - Storm Rider


Storm Rider

CD EP self-released (2019)

1. Storm Rider
2. R.N.R.
3. Little Big Horn




SOLDIER - Live Forces 2


Live Forces 2

CD Starhaven Records (2021)

1. Intro / Paradox
2. Infantrycide
3. Storm Of steel
4. Bedlam
5. Silver Screen Teaser
6. Man From Berlin
7. No Man’s Land
8. Starhaven
9. Sheralee

*Live recording at The Rock Den in Hatfield, UK on March 15th, 2014

SOLDIER - Live Rehearsal Forces 21-09-15


Live Rehearsal Forces 21-09-15

CD-R Starhaven Records (2021)

1.Insanity / Infantrycide / Storm Of Steel
2. Paradox
3. I Can’t Breathe
4. Dead Mans Curve
5. Six Hundred
6. Dogs Of War
7. Sheralee


*Recorded at Big Noise Rehearsal Studio in Northampton, UK on September 21st, 2015.