Location: Broxburn, Edinburgh | Website: n/a

Line Up
Nick Grieve (v) (Mk3-5) – also in Adrenalyn, Panzer, Chasar, Cadiz, Limelight Robbery and Alden Bald
Graham Robertson (g) (Mk4-5) – also in T.P.I. and Cooz Wi’ Gunz
John Boag (g) (Mk1-5)
Gary Boag (b) (Mk1-5)
Gordon Duff (d) – also in Cooz Wi’ Gunz (Mk2-5)
Jim Bowie (k) (Mk5)

Grant Hawthorne (v) (Mk1-2)
Bob Irvine (g) – also in Cooz Wi’ Gunz (Mk2-3)
Gordon Paris (g) (Mk1)
Arthur Alexander (d) (Mk1)

– Active: 1979 – 1984
– Existed in five versions: Mk1 thru Mk5 (each with different members – see above). Mk2 most influential in terms of developing their own material, recording the majority of their demo material, and achieving success via regular radio airplay and positive reviews in the UK’s national music press. Mk4 were probably the most proficient instrumentally; they toured more extensively than Mk2, released Blow You Away (written during Mk2/3 eras), recorded the “Almost Live” album (live without an audience) but relied heavily upon the material written by Mk2 rather than developing much in the way of additional original compositions.
– Played numerous gigs in Scotland and supported named acts such as Diamond Head, Spider, Marillion (all Mk2) and Budgie (Mk4) at their Edinburgh (and other) shows.

Demo #1 1981

1. Black Horizons
2. Once Ain’t Enough
3. Angels
4. Fight For Yourself

Demo #2 1981

1. Burning Sky
2. The Waster
3. The Message

Demo #3 1982

1. Blow You Away
2. Once Ain’t Enough

SNAKEBITE - Blow You Away


Blow You Away

7″ Astor Records (1983) Astor 1

1. Blow You Away
2. Thin Ice

*Not known to have a picture sleeve




Almost Live (1983)

1. Fight For Yourself
2. Blow You Away (Mk3)
3. Come On And Get It (Mk4)
4. Burning Sky
5. Sidewinder
6. The Message
7. Once Ain’t Enough
8. Angels
9. The Waster
10. See You In Heaven

*Never released album recorded by Snakebite Mk4 except for tracks 2 and 3

Demo 1984

1. Night Cries For No One
2. Broken Promises
3. Ain’t No Lady