Smokin’ Roadie

Smokin' Roadie

Location: Wolverhampton | Website: facebook

Line Up
Rue Phillips (v,g) – also in Tempest, The Now, Rock Axe, Rembandt, Lost City, God’s Band and Bill Ward
Aldo Mazzei (b)
Steve Bell (d) – also in Tempest

Lee Faulkner (b) – also in Tempest, The Now and Bill Ward

– Briefly changed the name to Tempest in 1985 and released the single “Hell Fire”, also included herein.
– In 1986, they moved to Los Angeles, California for some time where among other things they also played most of the known venues of the area
– By 1989 Smokin’ Roadie have called it quits and Rue Phillips (v,g) with Lee Faulkner (b) formed The Now. Their sole release was the AOR Japan-only album “Overnight Stay” (CD, Metal Mania). This album includes some re-worked and re-recorded material from the Smokin’ Roadie and Tempest days.
– Since late 2016 there have been rumors of a release that will include rare and unreleased demo material




7″ Zone To Zone Records (1983) ZON 03

1. Midnight
2. Rip Off





Demo 1984

1. Overnight Stay
2. Im So Sorry
3. Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
4. Little Dream
5. Memories
6. Why Why
7. The End
8. Hell Fire

TEMPEST - Hell Fire


Hell Fire

7″ MAK Rekords (1985) MAK 001

1. Hell Fire
2. Waistin’ Time

*An uncertified number of white label pressings were given as promos