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Line Up
Mike Cooke (v,g)
Killer Clint (b)
Ken Revell (d)

Terry Pearce (b)
John Jay (b,k)
Gerry Sherwin (b)

– Their first ever gig was a support slot with Motorhead! Generally speaking a hot live act played countless gigs across the UK sharing the stage with acts such as April Wine, Budgie, Def Leppard and many others. Sledgehammer also played the 1980 and 1982 Reading Festivals
– Their first, self-titled single was hailed by Sounds as “one of the classics of the first generation of NWOBHM
– Gillan’s bass player John McCoy produced some of their material
– Compilation appearances:
Brute Force” (LP, MCA Records, 1980) with ‘Fantasia’
Metal For Muthas” (LP, EMI, 1980) with ‘Sledgehammer’
Metal Killers” (LP, Kastle Killers, 1984) with ‘Lepers Queue’
Breakin’ Metal” (VHS, Hendring, 1985) with ‘Garabandal’
Heavy Metal Monsters” (2LP, Cambra, 1985) with ‘Over The Top 1914’ and ‘Garabandal’
NWOBHM – ’79 Revisited” (2CD, Vertigo, 1990) with ‘Sledgehammer’
Lightnin’ To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection” (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005) with ‘Sledgehammer’

SLEDGEHAMMER - Sledgehammer



7″ Slammer Records (1979) SRTS/79/CUS 395
7″ Valiant Records (1980) STRONG 1

1. Sledgehammer
2. Feel Good

*Recorded on April, 23rd 1970 in Southall during the serious civil rights riot
*Sounds readers voted it at #53 in the Top 100 singles released in 1979
*1st press on Slammer Records issued without a picture sleeve

SLEDGEHAMMER - Living in Dreams


Living In Dreams

7″ Slammer Records (1980) CELL 2

1. Living In Dreams
2. Fantasia





SLEDGEHAMMER - Blood on Their Hands

Illuminated & CD cover

SLEDGEHAMMER - Blood on Their Hands (alternative cover)

alternative cover

SLEDGEHAMMER - Blood on Their Hands (Mausoleum)

Mausoleum cover

Blood On Their Hands

LP Illuminated Records (1983) JAMS 32
2LP Mausoleum Records (1984) LUST 834950
CD Hurricane Records Berlin (2019) ECL 1034

1. Over the Top 1914
2. Perfumed Garden
3. Feel Good
4. Food & Sex Mad
5. 1984
6. Sledgehammer
7. Garabandal

*Produced by Chris Tsangarides
*LP by Illuminated has been released with two different covers. Both have the same catalogue number and the one with the hands appears to be much harder to find

*2LP by Mausoleum has the following bonus on the extra vinyl:
8. In the Queue (1983 single)
9. Oxford City Hoedown (1983 single)
10. Living in Dreams (1980 single)
11. Sledgehammer**

**On the bonus vinyl of Mausoleum, the last track is not ‘Sledgehammer’ as stated on the sleeve. It is a live recording of the song ‘Wildfire’ by Quartz (!)

*CD by Hurricane Records with following bonus:
8. In the Queue (1983 single)
9. Oxford City Hoedown (1983 single)
10. Sledgehammer (1980 single)
11. Feel Good (1980 single)
12. Living In Dreams (1980 single)
13. Fantasia (1980 single)
14. Sledgehammer (1980 compilation)



In The Queue

7″ Illuminated Records (1984) ILL33

1. In The Queue
2. Oxford City
3. 1984

*Shaped picture disc



SLEDGEHAMMER - (We Don't Like) Porno Peat


(We Don’t Like) Porno Peat

7″ Sambec Music (1988) MRSB 1

1. (We Don’t Like) Porno Peat
2. In the Middle of the Night

*No picture sleeve




SLEDGEHAMMER - In The Middle Of The Night


In The Middle Of The Night

7″ Slammer Records (1989) MRSB 2

1. In The Middle Of The Night
2. Sledgehammer

*No picture sleeve




SLEDGEHAMMER - A Kind Of Madness


A Kind Of Madness

7″ Slammer Records (1989) MRSB 3

1. A Kind Of Madness
2. Obliterator

*This was never released. Only a few, presumably around five, test-pressings were given as promos. It came with a hand-typed, hand-signed letter informing that the band was going to change the name from Sledgehammer to One Voice




Live In London

DVD Magada International (2005) MAGDVD-140

1. Feel Good
2. Fantasia
3. Living in Dreams
4. In the Queue
5. 1984
6. Perfumed Garden
7. Just Ain’t Livin
8. Food and Sex Mad
9. Sledgehammer
10. Garabandal
11. Over the Top 1914
12. Song for Randy Robots

*Recorded at the Marquee on February 24th 1984.