Location: Bradford | Website: n/a

Line Up
Carol Neen (v)
Graham Cook (g,v)
Marc Fairchild (g)
Porl Lane (b)
David Ellis (d)

Tamlin Cook (g)

– Originally named Aurora, then changed it to Naeon Angels and then to Siren
– Active between 1983 – 1997 they are mostly known for the ultra rare single Deceiving Lies
– Siren fused several other influences into their sound like funk and reggae and recorded several demos that unfortunately remain widely unknown.
– In April 2009 the group reformed with all the original members for a gig at The New Beehive Pub in Bradford.
– Siren had an official website as well as an official YouTube channel up until 2016. On that website there were postings about several releases including a Box Set named …oneday [Complete Recordings 1983-97] made of 3 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 DVD-Rom and inserts. No matter how we searched we found absolutely no evidence that these were ever released although they were probably home-made DIY releases. You can check the website on

SIREN - Deceiving Lies


Deceiving Lies

7″ Distant Cousins Productions (1984) DC4r

1. Deceiving Lies
2. American Girl