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Line Up
Sharon Thompson (v)
Leslie D. Black (g) – also in Stone Creed
Mark Conquer (b)
Ray Lawrence (d)

Al Stringer (g)
Dave Glover (b) – also in The Chase
Tony Castro (d)
Rachel Glover (k)

– Active during 1984 – 1987
– Recorded a four-song session for Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 in 1987 including the tracks: ‘Red Light’, ‘Wait For Me’ and ‘Wasted Time’
– Original vocalist Sharon Thompson sadly passed away in 2010.
– After 2011 original members Ray Lawrence, Dave Glover and Al Stringer made a few comeback appearances including Brofest #4

Demo 1984

1. Gods of War
2. Anubis
3. Don’t Punish Me
4. Siege
5. He Will Rise
6. Climax

SIEGE - Goddess Of Fire


Goddess Of Fire

7″ self-released (1985) THM1

1. Goddess Of Fire
2. Don’t Punish Me

*Not known to have a picture sleeve but a number of copies circulated with a xeroxed insert on yellow paper



SIEGE - Wait For Me


Wait For Me

Cassette self-released (1987)

1. Wait For Me
2. Red Light






SIEGE - Re-Ignite



CD self-released (2012)

1. Metalchild
2. Darkness Falls
3. The Bomb
4. He Said He Said
5. Mindblower
6. Goddess of Fire



SIEGE - Razor Wing


Razor Wing

CD self-released (2013)

1. Respite
2. Ypres Dawn
3. Stolen Soul
4. Razor Wing
5. Blood Is The Life
6. Slave