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Line Up
Alan Marsh (v) – also in Killer, Genghis Khan, Tokyo Blade, Pumphouse and Hard Venom
Danny Gwilym (g) – also in Tyrant, Roadhouse, Tokyo Blade, Ancient Wonder and Chinatown
Toby Martin (g)
Andy Wrighton (b) – also in Tokyo Blade and Deep Machine
Steve Pierce (d) – also in Killer, Genghis Khan, Tokyo Blade and Rebel Academy
Tony Moore (k)

Andy Robbins (b,k) – also in Genghis Khan, Tokyo Blade, Jagged Edge, Killer Taste and Skin
Bob Richards (d)
Ian Marshall (k) – also in Tokyo

– Formed towards the end of 1985 and lasted until 1989
– Did a video for the track ‘High In The Sky
– In 1990, after the demise of Shogun, Alan Marsh formed a band named Mr. Ice which also featured Andy Boulton. Mr. Ice did a European tour supporting Uriah Heep and also recorded a 6 track CD Demo with the title “Have An Ice Day” which later in 1998 made most of Tokyo Blade’s “Mr. Ice” album.

SHOGUN - High In The SKy


High In The Sky

7″ Attack (1986) ATA 913

1. High In The Sky
2. When The Lights Go Down

*High In The Sky is a cover from Amen Corner




SHOGUN - Shogun



LP Attack (1986) ATA 006
CD Zoom Club Records (1999) ZCRCD14
CD Steelheart Memories (2012) SMM 1230

1. Time Will Tell
2. Too Late For The Hunter
3. Only The Lonely
4. Tokyo Girl
5. When The Lights Go Down
6. Burning Down The Night
7. T.V. Hero
8. Too Much To Love
9. High In The Sky

*Track 9 bonus on both CD releases
*CD by Zoom Club Records has a different track order
*CD by Steelheart Memories limited to 500 copies

SHOGUN - Cloak And Dagger


Cloak And Dagger

7″ Jet Records (1987) JET 7049
12″ Jet Records (1987) JET 12049

1. Cloak And Dagger
2. Too Late For The Hunter
3. Tokyo Girl

*Track 3 only on the 12″
*12″ pressed in red vinyl


SHOGUN - 31 Days


31 Days

LP Jet Records (1987) JET LP 248
LP Jet Records (1987) JET 460756 1
LP Jet Records (1987) BFZ 44040
CASSETTE Jet Records (1987) JET CA 248
CASSETTE Jet Records (1987) Z 44040
CASSETTE CBS (1988) 44040
CD Krescendo Records (2012) KRECD63
CD Steelheart Memories (2012) SMM 1231
CD Perris Records (2013) PER4742

1. Cloak And Dagger
2. Shock To The Heart
3. Voices From The Heart
4. You Are What You Are
5. Love Is A Game
6. Cold Truth
7. If Tomorrow Comes
8. Can’t Live Without Your Love
9. First Time
10. Out Of Love Again

*CASSETTE by CBS was for promotion only
*CD by Steelheart Memories limited to 500 copies
*CDs by Perris Records and Steelheart Memories with two bonus tracks:
11. Voices From The Heart (Original Version-Different Lyrics)
12. Out Of Love Again (Original Arrangement)

SHOGUN - Voices From The Heart


Voices From The Heart

7″ Jet Records (1988) 651472 7
12″ Jet Records (1988) 651472 6

1. Voices From The Heart
2. Cold Truth
3. Time Will Tell

*Track 3 on the 12″ only