Location: Yorkshire | Website:  n/a

Line Up
Mark Hodgson (v) – also in Clover, Toranaga and Ramshackle
Rick Salter (g)
Phil Johnson (b)
Al Jones (d)
Mark Haddleton (k)

– Short lived act formed in 1984 and gave us a total of eight tracks of excellent melodic Metal!

SHERWOOD - Riding The Rainbow


Riding The Rainbow

12″ self-released (1986) SRT6KL9016
LP Buried By Time And Dust (2016) DUST045

1. Riding The Rainbow
2. Tonight (A Message Home)
3. Lost and Lonely
4. So Far Away

*co-produced by Jim Seymour (Mendes Prey)
*12″ limited to 500 copies
*LP limited to 500 copies, 250 pressed in black and 250 in white vinyl
*The re-issue includes all eight tracks for the original recording sessions. Tracklisting is as follows:
1. Catch The Sunrise
2. Lady Love
3. Joker & The Fox
4. Riding The Rainbow
5. Tonight (A Message Home)
6. Lost And Lonely
7. Run To The Shadows
8. So Far Away