Location: Portsmouth | Website:  n/a

Line Up
Dave Martin (v,b)
Peter Roffey (g)
Roger Grigg (d,k)

Chris Lowe (v,g)

– One of those bands that would rise endless discussions and arguments whether they should be categorized as NWOBHM or not. The truth is that both opinions would have come with valid arguments to support their point of view. It was decided to include them here, however, even though the “Metallic” element in their music is not always present. It appears though that they were very much influenced indeed by the rising NWOBHM movement of their time.
– Actively giging the UK since the mid 1970s and because of their diversity appealed to both Prog Rock and Metal audiences.
– It appears that in later years they played a few low-profile reunion gigs in their hometown of Portsmouth

Shaftsbury - Hit Man


Hit Man

7″ O.K. Records (1975) SRT/CUS 025

1. Hit Man
2. Crazy Jane

*Not known to have a picture sleeve




SHAFTSBURY - The Lull Before The Storm


The Lull Before The Storm

LP O.K. Records (1979) OKA 001
CASSETTE O.K. Records (1979)

1. Electric Woman
2. No No Never
3. I Who Have Nothing
4. Liar
5. Captain Lane
6. The Lull Before The Storm


SHAFTSBURY - We Are The Boys


We Are The Boys

LP O.K. Records (1981) OKA 002

1. Crazy
2. Travelling in Style
3. We Are The Boys
4. Hotrod Blues
5. Hurricane
6. Keep it Out
7. Aftermath
8. B.P.M.
9. High and Mighty
10. The End