Seventh Son

Seventh Son

Location: Barnsley | Website: official | facebook

Line Up
Brian O’Shaughnessy (v) – also in Oliver/Dawson Saxon
Dave Fox (g)
Rick Gregory (b) – also in Shrine Of The Monkey
Kev Lee (d)

Kevin O’Shaughnessy (g)
Kes Scott (g)
Steve Clifford (g) – also in Cry
Andy Frost (g)
Bob Elliott (g)
Rob White (b)
Chris Jackson (d)
John Shaw (d)
John Talbot (d)
Dave Barton (d)
Bill McNeash (d)
Ian Parkin (d) – also in Cry, Alleycatz, Rich Rags and Lotus Cruise
Alan Bark (d)

– Formed by brothers Kevin and Brian O’Shaughnessy in 1980. Since then and although there were a couple of short periods of inactivity, Seventh Son never actually split up but carried on with different line-up members
– Their official website mentions that a concert at Barnsley Civic Hall in November 1987 was filmed and released on video under the title ‘Alive by Night in Yorkshire’ but it is not clear if this was actually an official release.
– Appeared on the following compilations:
Torn In Two” (LP, Torment Records, 1986) with ‘Stage Crazy’
Eagleution – A Tribute To Saxon” (2CD, Remedy Records, 2005) with ‘Dallas 1 Pm’
The Roots Of Metallica” (CD, Rock Classics, 2010) with ‘Man In The Street’

SEVENTH SON - Man In The Street


Man In The Street

7″ Rising Son Records (1982) FMR 067

1. Man In The Street
2. Immortal Hours

*Limited to 1000 copies




SEVENTH SON - Metal To The Moon


Metal To The Moon

7″ Rising Son Records (1984) SRT4KS282

1. Metal To The Moon
2. Sound And Fury

*Limited to 1000 copies. Both tracks appeared on the compilation “NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 3” (CD, British Steel, 1997)



SEVENTH SON - The Radio Hallam Session


The Radio Hallam Session

CASSETTE self-released (1984)

1. Stage Crazy
2. Sound And Fury
3. Hardstuff
4. Metal To The Moon
5. When Worlds Collide
6. Wasteland
7. Beneath The Stars



SEVENTH SON - Northern Boots


Northern Boots

7″ Music Factory (1987) MF 0043

1. Northern Boots
2. Harder You Rock





SEVENTH SON - Dangerous Kiss


Dangerous Kiss

CASSETTE self-released (1987)
CD Iron Pages Records (1999)

1. Early Warning
2. Rebel Angel
3. Dangerous Kiss
4. The City That Never Sleeps
5. Stage Crazy
6. Dirty But Sweet
7. Give and Take
8. Harder You Rock
9. Sacred Heart
10. Never Let You Go
11. Factory Girls
12. Raise the Alarm
13. These Boots Are Made for Walking
14. Welcome to the Western World

*Track-listing of the CD (released with no catalogue number)
*The original self-released cassette included the tracks: 1-6, 12-12 and 14
*Tracks 7, 9 and 10 are unreleased recordings from 1986-1988
*Tracks 8 and 13 from the “Northern Boots” 7″

SEVENTH SON - What More Do You Want


What More Do You Want ?

12″ Rising Son Records (1989) SRT 9KLS 2328

1. What More Do You Want?
2. Sister Strange
3. Bitter Ashes
4. Give Me Everything Tonight




SEVENTH SON - Factory Girls


Factory Girls

7″ Rising Son Records (1991) SRT 91S 3116

1. Factory Girls
2. Last Band In Town





SEVENTH SON - Dangerous Kiss. CD single


Dangerous Kiss

CD single Iron Pages Records (2000)

1. Dangerous Kiss 2000
2. Welcome To The Western World
3. Rebel Angel (live)
4. Dirty But Sweet (live)

*Released with no catalogue number
*Live tracks recorded at Barnsley Civic Theatre November 1987


SEVENTH SON - Immortal Hours


Immortal Hours

CD Iron Pages Records (2000) IPR 003

1. From Intro To Eternity
2. Wasteland
3. Hardstuff
4. Immortal Hours
5. Highway No. 5
6. Sound And Fury
7. When Worlds Collide
8. Beneath The Stars
9. Silver To Gold
10. Man In The Street
11. Harder You Rock
12. The Rising
13. Metal To The Moon
14. Alive By Night
15. Immortal Hours 2001
16. Dangerous Kiss 2000

*Compilation of all Radio Hallman Sessions from 1983, 1984 and 1985
*Tracks 4 and 10 from the “Man In The Street” 7″
*Tracks 15-16 bonus recordings from 2000-2001

SEVENTH SON - Spirit World


Spirit World

CD Sontone-RSR/Iron Pages (2009)
LP High Roller Records (2009) HRR 038

1. Spirit World
2. Unfinished Business
3. The Last Witch In England
4. Dangerous Kiss …Revisited
5. Kiss The Dead
6. Estranged
7. House In Darkness
8. One Strange Summer
9. The Burning Of Autumns Splendour
10. Haunted By The Past

*LP limited to 500 copies: 250 in black, 150 in purple and 100 in black/orange splatter vinyl

SEVENTH SON - Factory Girls... Back On The Town 2010


Factory Girls… Back On The Town 2010

CD single Sontone-RSR (2010)

1. Factory Girls… Back On The Town 2010
2. Estranged





SEVENTH SON - See Emily Play


See Emily Play

CD EP Rising Son Records (2016)

1. See Emily Play
2. Keeping The Wolf From The Door
3. Rebel Angel ‘16
4. Alive By Night (Live)

*Title track is a Pink Floyd cover
*Tracks 2 & 3 are 2016 recordings


SEVENTH SON - Living On A Time Bomb


Living On A Time Bomb

CD EP Rising Son Records (2017)

1. Living On A Time Bomb
2. Stage Crazy (Radio Hallam Session 1984)
3. Eleanor Rigby (Live 2009)
4. Interview 2000 (Radio Barnsley)