Scarab (1)


Location: Sutton | Website: facebook

Line Up
Paul Britton (v,g) – also in The Battle Of Britton, Trappazat, Solstice and Jameson Raid
Dave Parrish (g) – also in Valley Forge, Nightblade and Icefire
Richard Horton (d) – also in Nightblade and Solstice

Andy Lewis (v)
Garry Wain (b) – also in Chemikill
Gary Crowe (b) – also in The Red Dogs
Nigel Shaw (b) – also in Strontium Dog
Chris McHale (d) – also in Chemikill
Rick Orton (d)
Paul Brookes (d) – also in White Trash, Agincourt, Benediction, Marshall Law and Sacrilege (not the NWOBHM Sacrilege)
Steve Riley (d) – also in Lyck, Trident, Agincourt and Icefire

– Formed in 1981 and since the very beginning they were giging all over the place.
– Very good friends with Wolfsbane who supported Scarab on several occasions. In 1984 Blaze Bayley was asked to joined them on vocals
– Split up in 1986 after their last gig on February, 7th. Reunited in 2007
– In 1989 Zebra Records offered them a deal but at the time it was hard to get the band back together.
– Not to be confused with the other Scarab from Wednesbury who were actually only 25 miles away!

SCARAB - Poltergeist



7″ Pharaoh Records (1984) PR-001

1. Poltergeist
2. Hell On Wheels

*Pressed in 2000 copies




Demo 1985

1. Rolling Like Thunder
2. Into The Labyrinth

SCARAB - A Soul For A Soul


A Soul For A Soul

10″ The Miskatonic Foundation (2009) REH 006

1. A Soul For A Soul
2. The Plague
3. For Whom The Bells Toll

*Limited to 500 copies


SCARAB - Rolling Like Thunder


Rolling Like Thunder

2LP + 7″ High Roller Records (2011) HRR 178
2CD High Roller Records (2012) HRR 178 CD

1. Don’t Stare
2. All Night Long
3. For Whom Does The Bell Toll
4. Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
5. Stop The Rock
6. Acid Trap
7. Hell On Wheels
8. Let Us Pray
9. Rolling Like Thunder
10. Into The Labyrinth

1. Poltergeist
2. Hell On Wheels
3. Fighting For The Right (Live)
4. Vampyre (Live)
5. Hell Hotel (Live)
6. Rock Don’t Live Here Anymore (Live)
7. Prisoners (Live)
8. Hell Hotel
9. Dead On My Feet

*The last two tracks are the ones on the 7″ which is featured in the 2LP
*2LP limited to 750 copies: 400 black vinyl, 200 red vinyl and 150 in white/red splatter vinyl

SCARAB - The Brofest Tapes


The Brofest Tapes

Digital Download (2015)

1. Hell Hotel
2. Into The Labyrinth
3. Hell On Wheels
4. Poltergeist
5. Take No Prisoners

*All tracks live in the studio 2013