Satan’s Empire

Satan's Empire

Location: Dundee | Website: facebook

Line Up
Derek Lyon (v) – also in VHF
Paul Lewis (g) – also in VHF
Sandy McRitchie (g)
Wayne Hudson (b) – also in Midnight Warrior
Garry Bowler (d) – also in Tora-Tora, Motorhead, Medicine Hat, Mutant (feat. Bernie Torm’e), Dennis Stratton, Another Storm, Dirty Lions, Kelly Lee, Joker and Mournblade

Carl Wakeling (b)
Duncan Haggart (b)
Steve Duffy (b)
Bill Masterton (d)

– Provided support for Budgie at the Dundee Festival in the summer of 1981
– Gained a kind of mythical status among NWOBHM aficionados as for many years the only known fact about them was the excellent track ‘Soldiers Of War’ on the compilation “Lead Weight” (CASSETTE, Neat Records, 1981). This compilation was later released on LP by Neat/Base Records (exact year unknown but in the mid 1980s) and on CD by Neat/Castle (2002) and by Krescendo Records (2013)
– Another rather interesting and well made compilation that featured this track was “Neat Records – The First Strike Of N.W.O.B.H.M.” (CD, Metal Hammer/Elap Music, 1996) which was released in Greece only and was given away with an issue of the Greek Metal Hammer magazine.
– Satan’s Empire did had some recordings from their early days with tracks such as ‘Suicidal Man’, ‘On The Road To Hell’, ‘Slaves Of Satan’, ‘Come Back’ and ‘Strange World. Most of these were revamped for their 2018 album “Rising“.
– Reformed after 30 years and made a huge come-back at Brofest 2016

SATAN'S EMPIRE - Satan's Empire


Satan’s Empire

CD single Self-released (2017)

1. Satan’s Empire
2. Road To Hell (Live From London)
3. Shout It Out (Hail!) (Live From London)

*Promotional cardsleeve limited to 100 copies






CD 3ms Music (2018) 3MS011CD

1. Slaves Of Satan
2. Shout It Out (Hail!)
3. Satan’s Empire
4. Soldiers Of War
5. Dragonslayer
6. Come Back
7. On The Road To Hell
8. Lucifer
9. Politician
10. Suicide Man

SATAN'S EMPIRE - Hail The Empire


Hail The Empire

CD 2020 (Dissonance Productions) DISS0162CDD

1. Warriors
2. Secrets
3. Rivers Of Gehenna
4. Empire Rising
5. Hail The Empire
6. Storm On The Airwaves
7. Black
8. All Hallows Eve
9. Shadowmaker
10. New World