Location: Norwich | Website: n/a

Line Up

Mark Newman (v) – also in Zorro, Poacher and Mark Zed
Ian Gosling (g) – also in Angels, Demons Eye and Assassin
Ricky Masters (g) – also in Subway
Gerald Browne (b) – also in Vampire
Ian Chinn (k,g) – also in Vendetta and Those Glam Rockers
Paul Youngs (d) – also in Stormtrooper, Demons Eye and Those Glam Rockers

Richard Hill (v) – also in Angels, Stormtrooper and Sittin’ Pretty
Andy Boyle (b) – also in Assassin, Demons Eye and Deep Switch
Gordon Pratt (d) – also in Abraxas, Angels, Scarabus and Naked Sin

– Active during 1982 – 1985
– Only gave us the demo below although it is believed that some more recordings might exist
– Many thanks to Zygmunt Jot  for his valuable help on this page

SAIGON - Demo 1984


The Beginning

CASSETTE self-released (1984)

1. The Beginning
2. Take It
3. Crazy World