Sacred Alien

Sacred Alien

Location: Manchester | Website: facebook

Line Up
Sean Canning (v) – also in Narcotic and Monkey Gun
Martin Ainscow (g)
John Murney (b) – also in Narcotic and Goldblade
Mark Robo (d)

Dave Clowes (b)
Paul Davies (b)
Chris Lea (d) – also in Buffalo and Monkey Gun
Darren Wilcock (d)

– Active from 1980 through 1984 when they tried to re-invent themselves into a more trash/punk direction under the name White Trash. Apparently White Trash recorded an album for Music For Nations in 1988 but it was never released
– Frontman Sean Canning mentioned that there is some unreleased material of Sacred Alien hidden in the dungeons. Their manager, Warren Heighway, passed away in 2006 and all the original masters “disappeared with him

Demo 1981

1. Portrait
2. Energy
3. Eternal Flame
4. From Both Sides Of The Globe

SACRED ALIEN - Spiritual Planet


Spiritual Planet

7″ Greenwood Music (1981) G. W. 001

1. Spiritual Planet
2. Energy








7″ Heighway Robbery Wreckords (1983) SAD 001

1. SACRED ALIEN – Legends
2. VIRGIN – Sittin’ In The Front Row

*Split 7″ with Manchester based Glam band Virgin




SACRED ALIEN - Legends 1980 - 1983

Legends 1980 – 1983

CD Skol Records (2020) SR056
LP + 7″ Lost Realm Records (2020) REALM038LP

1. Spiritual Planet
2. Eternal Flame
3. Welcome Inside
4. Both Sides Of The Globe
5. Energy
6. Legends
7. Electric Beam Squad
8. Eyes
9. Portrait Of A Saddened Mind
10. Energy

*Collection of studio and demo recordings
*LP + 7″ limited to 250 copies: 150 in Black and 100 in ‘Probe Lube’ vinyl. It has a different track order than the CD and the 7″ replicates their 1981 single