Sabre (2)

Sabre Wolverhampton

Location: Wolverhampton | Website: n/a

Line Up
Sam Hughes (v)
Andy Neal (g)
Paul Hodson (b) – also in Hideaway, Montreaux, Diamond Dogs
Andy Harper (d) – also in Hideaway, Montreaux, Diamond Dogs, Love And War, Force and Mick Hill Band

Neil Richman (d) – also in Stafford Road

– Not to be confused with Sabre from Croydon. This Sabre was formed in 1977 and was influenced by bands such as Free, Robin Trower and Whitesnake of the late 1970s
– Like the other bands of Paul Hodson and Andy Harper (Diamond Dogs and Montreaux), Sabre were also regulars on the stages of popular local pubs and venues such as Club Lafayette and The Lord Raglan
– Disbanded in 1979 with Hodson and Harper forming Hideaway and then in 1981 forming Montreaux
– Sabre never had any official releases. For the first time ever, they can be found on the compilation “Obscure N.W.O.B.H.M Demos Vol.2” (CD, Obscure Nwobhm Releases, 2019) that includes the 1979 Demo plus one song from the first session.

Demo 1978

1. Same For Me Same For You
2. Affection Rejection
3. Don’t Let Me Late Too Long
4. You’ve been Cheating

*Recorded at Playback Studio

Demo 1979

1. So lonely In The City
2. Nothing Remains
3. Cat’s Paw

*Recorded at Zella Studio