Location: Norfolk | Website: n/a

Line Up
Joanne Syme (v)
Wayne Moyez (g)
Andy Page (g)
Jammie Durrant (b)
Kevin Hunt (d) – also in Thieving Gypsies
Barry Godfrey (k)

Kaust Rakhit (k)

– Marginal entry as they dwelled more into a melodic Hard Rock landscape. However, a significant amount of Metal elements is present thus their page here.
– Active during 1980 – 1986
– Apparently a second album was on the works but Runestaff folded before any plans came to life. Some recordings do exist
– Can be found on the compilation “It’s Unheard Of” (LP, Sane Records, 1984) with ‘The Games You Play’

RUNESTAFF - Demo 1982


Demo 1982

1. Never Mind The Quality
2. The Final Run
3. Last Chances






RUNESTAFF - Road To Ruin


Road To Ruin

7″ FM (1985) VHF 5

1. Road To Ruin
2. Last Chances







Do It!

7″ FM (1985) VHF 17

1. Do It!
2. Runestaff





RUNESTAFF - Runestaff



LP Heavy Metal Records (1985) HMRLP 26
CASSETTE Heavy Metal Records (1985) HMRmc 26

1. Do-It!
2. Whatever You Want From Me
3. Time`s Running Out
4. Road To Ruin
5. Runestaff
6. The Last Time
7. The Games You Play
8. Last Chances