Location: Manchester | Website: n/a

Line Up
Mark Anthony (aka Mark Savage) (v) – also in Damn Nation
Paul Hopwood (aka Paul Diamond) (g) – also in Torino and Jailbait
Ian Burke (g)
Billy Beaman (b) – also in Lipstick Killers
Bernard Nuttal (aka Bernie Emerald) (d)

Kevin Reid (v) – also in Arcade
Gary Maunsell (b)
Tony Fitzgerald (d)

– Started life as ‘Venom’ in 1981. The name change came roughly after a year.
– Supported Quite Riot on their 1984 UK tour
– Notable compilations featuring Rox:
Hell On Earth” (LP, Music For Nations, 1983) with ‘Love Ya Like A Diamond’
British Steel” (LP, Mausoleum, 1986) with ‘Love Ya Like A Diamond’ again
The Singles Album” (2LP, Music For Nations, 1986) with ‘Sweet Sixteen’
Axe Attack” (CD, JCI Records, 1988) with ‘Daylight Robbery’

Demo 1982 (released as ‘Venom’)

1. Are You Ready
2. Loser
3. City Streets
4. Get Out

Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever

CASSETTE Kick-A-Kozak Industries Inc. (1982)

1. Intro
2. Hot Love In The City
3. Sweet Sixteen
4. I’ve Had Enough Of You
5. Daylight Robbery
6. Shock Rockin

*Self-released pro-printed demo tape. Tracks titles are definitely correct but most likely not in the right order

ROX - Hot Love In The City


Hot Love In The City

7″ Teenteeze Records (1982) ROX 100 | CAV 009

1. Hot Love In The City
2. Do Ya Feel Like Lovin’
3. Love Ya Like A Diamond




ROX - Violent Breed


Violent Breed

LP Music For Nations (1983) MFN 11
LP MFN / SOS Recording (1983) MFN 11 / SOSLP 128
LP Roadrunner Records (1983) RR 9890
LP Nexus Records (1983) K25P-449

1. Love Ya Like A Diamond
2. I Wanna Be A Hero
3. Dressed To Kill
4. Say Goodbye To Love
5. Daylight Robbery
6. Hot On Your Trax
7. Wild And Crazy
8. Jailbait
9. Violation

ROX - Krazy Kutz


Krazy Kutz

12″ Music For Nations (1983) 12 KUT 103

1. Sweet Sixteen
2. Sidewalk Strutter
3. Shock Rockin’




ROX - The Teenteeze EP


The Teenteeze EP

MCD Teenteeze Records (2017) TT8201

1. Hot Love In The City
2. Do Ya Feel Like Lovin’
3. Love Ya Like A Diamond

*Basically a fully revamped re-release of their 1982 7″ that also has a new cover