Rogue Male

Rogue Male

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Line Up
Jim Lyttle (v,g) – also in Pretty Boy Floyd and the Gems, Visa and Pictures
John Fraiser-Binnie (g) – also in Ozzy Osbourne and Dirty Tricks
Phil Clark (b)
Lawrence Paterson (d) – also in Blaze Bayley, Aftermath, Arbitrater, Chimera, Chokehold, Metalhead, MirrorBlack, Raven Lord, ShadowKeep, Sinocence, Stuka Squadron, Asomvel, Destroyer, I.C.O.N., Iron Knights, Malice Cooper, Talon and The Warning

Phil Aston (g) – also in The Handsome Beasts and Tantrum
Pete Dee (b) – also in Acid Reigh, Kremated, Viral Technology and Acid Tongue
Phillipe Clark (b)
Kevin Collier (b) – also in Le Griffe
Chris Aylmer (b) – also in Samson and M-80
Gareth Holder (b) – also in The Shapes and Hell’s Belles
Paul Westwood (d) – also in Fen, Indesinence, Landskap, De Profundis, Skaldic Curse and To-Mera
Danny Fury (d)
Steve Kingsley (d) – also in The Deep, Vardis and Deep Machine
Mauricio Chamucero (d) – also in Savage Messiah, ShadowKeep and Mekanix

– Famously hailed by Kerrang! at the time as “the next big thing”
– Active from 1983-1987. Reunited in 2008
– Notable compilation appearances:
Welcome To The Metal Zone” (2LP, Music For Nations, 1985) with ‘Crazy Motorcycle’
Salut Les Tympans Feles” (LP, New Electric Way, 1986) with ‘Rough Tough’
The Singles Album” (2LP, Music For Nations, 1986) with ‘All Over You’ and ‘Belfast’
Nightmare On Carnaby St.” (2LP, Music For Nations, 1988) with ‘The Passing’

ROGUE MALE - All Over You


All Over You

12″ Music For Nations (1985) 12 KUT 114
12″ Roadrunner Records (1985) RR 125494
12″ Elektra (1985) ED 5059

1. All Over You (Full Length Version)
2. All Over You
3. The Real Me

*The Elektra pressing is promo for the US market and contains only the two first tracks

ROGUE MALE - First Visit


First Visit

LP Music For Nations (1985) MFN 40
LP Roadrunner Records (1985) RR 9789
LP Elektra (1985) 60423-1
LP Elektra (1985) 96 04231
LP Bernett Records (1985) SB18048
LP Elektra (1985) L 96 0423-1
LP Elektra (1985) LWE-6406
LP Pioneer (1985) P-13166
CASSETTE Elektra (1985) 60423-4
CD Metal Mind Productions (2008) MASS CD DG 1092

1. Crazy Motorcycle
2. All over You
3. First Visit
4. Get Off My Back
5. Dressed Incognito
6. Unemployment
7. On the Line
8. Devastation
9. Look Out

*Also in existance promo LP by Elektra with same cat# 60423-1 and test pressing by
Music For Nations
* CD by Metal Mind with the following bonus tracks:
10. The Real Me
11. All Over You

ROGUE MALE - Belfast



12″ Music For Nations (1986) 12 KUT 122

1. Belfast
2. Rough Tough (Pretty Too)
3. Take No Shit

*White label test pressing also available


ROGUE MALE - Animal Man


Animal Man

LP Music For Nations (1986) MFN 68
LP New Electric Way (1986) 2343
CD Metal Mind Productions (2008) MASSDG1093

1. Progress
2. Lust
3. Take No Shit
4. You’re On Fire
5. The Real Me
6. Animal Man
7. Belfast
8. The Job Centre
9. Low Rider
10. The Passing

*Bonus on the CD:
11. Rough Tough (Pretty Too)


Nail It

CD Rm2k Music (2009) RM2K CD1

1. Cold Blooded Man
2. Street Credibility
3. Up In Smoke
4. Stars ‘n’ Stripes
5. Time
6. Never
7. Meteorite
8. Forever Wild
9. Dangerzone
10. Bless My Soul