Renegade (1)

Location: Kent | Website: n/a

Line Up
Paul Armfield (v)
Steve Welch (g)
Pete Smith (b)
Paul Smith (d)
Mark Cunningham (k)

– Their track ‘Last Warrior’ is the opener on the compilation “Kent Rocks Volume 1” (LP, White Witch Records, 1981)

RENEGADE (1) - Lonely Road


Lonely Road

12″ White Witch Records (1980) WIT 1

1. Lonely Road
2. Last Thought





RENEGADE - Last Warrior
Last Warrior

CD High Roller Records (2021) HRR 739 CD
LP High Roller Records (2021) HRR 739

1. Last Warrior
2. Lonely Road
3. Last Thought
4. Father’s Son
5. Time to Go
6. Red

*Collects the 7″ and the Kent Rocks track plus a three-track demo singer Paul Armfield recorded in 1982 with the band Red from Essex (tracks 4-6)
*LP limited to 300 copies: 200 pressed in black and 100 in red vinyl