Red Alert (2)

Location: Lincoln | Website: n/a

Line Up
Pat Devlin (v) – also in Interplay
Coin Moss (g) – also in Sinking Ships, Scapa Flow and Soul Time
Dave Bilton (g)
Rick Wolgar (b)
Trevor Fernly (d)

– Formed in the late 1970s under the name ‘The Pictures‘. Apparently an album was recorded for Arista Records but never saw the light of day.
– They were never called ‘Arctic Life’. They won a competition which was called “Arctic Lite Rock Search” in 1980 that took place at the London Venue. The won some cash and a recording deal with State Records. The name change happened around the same time with the competition thus the ongoing confusion.
– Opened the 1980 Reading Festival on August 22nd. They played the same day with Praying Mantis, Krokus, Gillan and Rory Gallagher

RED ALERT (2) - Break The Rules



Break The Rules

7″ State (1980) STAT101

1. Break The Rules
2. What Do You Do For Laughs