Location: Cardiff | Website: n/a

Line Up
Colin Sargent (v) – also in Hyper Vyper
Steve Wilson (g) – also in Polaris
Andrew Jones (aka Kim Hooker) (b) – also in Neon Spirit, Tigertailz and Stormcrow
Kerry Loveluck (d) – also in Ashamata and Mammath
Tim Ranson (aka Ric Ferrar) (k)

Dave Vincent (d) – also in Prats On The Prow

– Formed at the tail end of NWOBHM in 1984 and lasted until 1988

RANKELSON - Hungry For Blood

Hungry For Blood

LP Ebony Records (1986) EBON 34
CD Diabolic Might Records (2022) D.M.R. 067-CD

1. The Chains And The Chalice
2. Break The Chains
3. Sex Slave
4. Hungry For Blood
5. Can’t Stop Rockin’
6. Bronx Warrior
7. Hot Tonite
8. Abuser
9. New York City

*Bonus on the CD
10. Gallant Soldier
11. Anthem

RANKELSON - The Bastards Of Rock 'n' Roll


The Bastards Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

LP Ebony Records (1987) EBON 45

1. Make It Love
2. The Bastards Of Rock’n’Roll
3. Be Good For Me
4. White Fire
5. We Are Crazy
6. Rock The World
7. Lovemaker
8. The Happenin’

RANKELSON - Hungry For Blood & The Bastards Of Rock N' Roll


Hungry For Blood / The Bastards Of Rock N’ Roll

CD Ebony Records (????)

1. The Chains And The Chalice/Break The Chains
2. Sex Slave
3. Hungry For Blood
4. Can’t Stop Rockin’
5. Bronx Warrior
6. Hot Tonite
7. Abuser
8. New York City
9. Make It Love
10. The Bastards Of Rock’n’Roll
11. Be Good For Me
12. White Fire
13. We Are Crazy
14. Rock The World
15. Lovemaker
16. The Happenin’

*Bootleg 2 albums on 1 CD