Raider (1)

Raider (Tewkesbury)

Location: Tewkesbury | Website: n/a

Line Up
Martyn Arnold (v) – also in Empire and Van Damne
Nick Singleton (g) – also in Black Dog, Firebyrds, Tattoeed Love Boys and Cry Wolf
Steve Smith (b) – also in Cry Wolf
Mark Grimmett (d) – also in Black Dog, Cry Wolf, Empire and Random Access

Jamie Laird (b) – also in Black Dog, Wreckage and Tyga Myra

– Active for just a few months from October 1984 to August 1985
– Originally called XS
– Played their first gig in January 1985 at The Barn in Worcester, supporting Grim Reaper
– Following the departure of singer Martyn Arnold in August 1985, drummer Mark Grimmett took over the vocals and eventually Raider transformed into Cry Wolf

RAIDER (1) - Demonstration Tape


Demonstration Tape 1984

1. Excess
2. This Is the Law
3. Darker Than Night

*Produced by Nick Bowcott (Grim Reaper)



Lay Waste To The World

Cassette 1985

1. No Time To Die
2. Fight The Good Fight
3. Lay Waste To The World

RAIDER (1) - Darker Than Night

Darker Than Night

CD Obscure Nwobhm Releases (2020) ONR015
LP Lost Realm Records (2022) REALM067LP

1. Excess
2. This Is The Law
3. Darker Than Night
4. No Time To Die
5. Fight For The Good Fight
6. Lay Waste To The World
7. Fly By Night (Live)
8. Beyond The Sea (Live)
9. Hungry Eyes (Live)
10. Raider (Live)

*CD limited to 500 copies. Includes all tracks from the two demos plus four live songs
*LP limited to 250 numbered copies: 150 in black and 100 in ‘ruby red’ vinyl. The vinyl version does not include track #10