Location: Nottingham | Website: n/a

Line Up
Kev Healey (v,g) – also in Jackyl
Andy Meehan (g)
John Vaites (b) – also in Jackyl
Tonka (d) – also in Chaingang and Wraith

– Very close friends with Race Against Time, Paralex and later Hell in what is often described as the ‘East Midlands Band Cooperative’. These bands were actively helping each other with equipment, rehearsals as well as organising gigs together.
– In 2015 Radium members Kevin Healey (v,g) and Andy Meehan (g) joined forces with Race Against Time members Alan Short (b) and Geoff Green (d) and played the Bloodstock Festival in what went down to history as a 2 in 1 reunion!

RADIUM - Through The Smoke


Through The Smoke

7″ Isotope (1981) ISO731

1. Angel Of Fear
2. Dusty Road
3. Making Changes

*Limited to 500 copies



RADIUM - Through The Smoke Live In Nottingham

Through The Smoke / Live In Nottingham

LP + 7″ Buried By Time And Dust Records (2014) DUST 038/39

1. Angel Of Fear
2. More Fun In The Rain
3. Back Street Girl
4. Dusty Road
5. Doomed To Die
6. Satan’s Hideaway
7. Throw It To The Wind
8. Paths
9. Sanitarium
10. Into The Grave
11. In Through The Smoke
12. No Class

1. Angel Of Fear
2. Dusty Road
3. Making Changes

*LP tracks recorded live in Nottingham (1981)
*Limited to 500 copies, 250 in orange and 250 in black vinyl
*The extra 7″ is actually a replica of the original 1981 vinyl. The package also contains a nice reproduction of a vintage band poster