Race Against Time

Location: Nottingham | Website: n/a

Line Up
Dave G. Halliday (v,g) – also in Hell
Alan Short (b) – also in Captain Hippo, Heavy Water and Witchfynde
Geoff Green (d)

– Active during 1979-1983 playing countless gigs all over the place!
– Alan Short (b) and Geoff Green (d) provided guest backing vocals to the 2013 cover version of ‘Harbinger Of Death’ by Hell on the album “Curse And Chapter
– Can be found on “New Electric Warriors” (LP, Logo, 1980) with ‘Bedtime’



Demo 1980

1. The Harbinger Of Death
2. Bedtime
3. Bleed You Dry

RACE AGAINST TIME - Time Waits For No Man


Time Waits For No Man

LP High Roller Records (2015) HRR 400
CD High Roller Records (2015) HRR 400 CD

1. The Harbinger of Death
2. Bleed You Dry
3. Killing Time
4. Bedtime
5. Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)
6. Time Waits For No Man
7. Leap In The Dark
8. Tough
9. Bedtime (New Electric Warriors Version)

*LP limited to 750 copies: 350 in clear, 300 in black and 100 in clear black/white splatter vinyl