Prowler (2)

Prowler (Essex)

Location: Essex (Basildon) | Website: n/a

Line Up
Trev Pattenden (v,b)  – also in Samurai (3)
Martin Burrows (g) – also in Samurai (3)
John Pattenden (g) – also in Samurai (3)
Mike Dowling (d) – also in Samurai (3)
*Not the last known line-up but the one on Brute Force

Jon Burchell (g) (1991-1992)
Robert Emery (d) (1975-1978)
Colin Smith (d) (1978-1979)
Bob Harding (d) (1983-1984)
Jamie Bryant (d) (1991-1992)

– Prowler from Essex actually made a minor name of themselves because of their inclusion on the commercially successful compilation “Brute Force” (LP, MCA, 1980) with the track ‘Gotta Get Back to You’.
– Supported Atomic Rooster, Vardis and Budgie during their very first years
– Back in 1977 they recorded two tracks ‘Riding High’ and ‘Finance Blues’ which were meant to be released a single. A few more demo recordings from various sessions between 1979-1984 are known to exist.
– In 1981 they changed the name to Samurai. Under this name, Essex Radio broadcasted the following tracks: ‘Bad Child Running’, ‘Lost Without Your Love’ and ‘Prisoner’. These were recorded before the name change and produced by Chris Tsangarides
– Roughly one year later, in 1982, the name reverts back to Prowler and the band released this lone single below before they call it quits in 1984 or 1985.
– Trev Pattenden (v,b) and John Pattenden (g) reformed Prowler in 1991 with new members Jon Burchell (g) and Jamie Bryant (d). This line-up briefly toured the UK before signing a contract to perform and tour in the Middle East. This band was the very last version of Prowler and was based in Dubai, UAE for several months before disbanding in 1992.

PROWLER - Heartbreaker



7″ Jest Records (1985) JRT 1

1. Heartbreaker
2. Victim Of The Night

*Not known to have a picture sleeve




PROWLER - Reactivate



CD Hear No Evil Recordings (2022) HNECD166
CD Solid Records (2022) CDSOL-71264

1. Gotta Get Back To You
2. Bad Child Running
3. Lost Without Your Love
4. Prisoner
5. Rocksong Part II / Heavy
6. Gotta Get Back To You (30th Anniversary Version 2010)
7. Heavy Metal Hero (40th Anniversary Version 2020)
8. Samurai – Under Attack
9. Samurai – Samurai (Live 1981)

*Last two tracks from their “Samurai”days