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Line Up
Pete McIntosh (v)
James Rees (g) – also in Mammath
Craig Thomas (g)
Phil Scourfield (b)
Lyndon Morgan (d) – also in Nightmare, Torrent, The Glass and Jellybean

Phil John (d) – also in Talan
Lloyd Coates (d) – also in Mirror Mirror

– Formed at the tail end of NWOBHM in September of 1984 just about on time to be considered as part of the movement
– Preyer recorded twice for the BBC program ‘Juice’. Two tracks aired on December 1985: ‘Shout It Out’ and ‘The Preyer’ and exactly one year later, on December 1986, another track ‘Leather and Chains’
– The band gained a reputation of delivering powerful shows and also got many favorable reviews on the national and independent music press of the time.
– Folded just before the turn of the 1990s. Reformed in 2005 and as of early 2015 they are recording songs for an upcoming album as well as remastering all of their old demos

PREYER - On The Prowl


On The Prowl

CASSETTE self-released (1985)

1. Beware The Night
2. Rock Crusader
3. No Mercy For The Wicked




PREYER - Fear The Dark


Fear The Dark

CASSETTE self-released (1985)

1. Shout It Out
2. Riffarama
3. The Preyer




PREYER - Terminator



LP Ebony Records (1985) EBON 40
CD Marquee Records (2006) MR027

1. Reserve The Right
2. Terminator
3. Leather And Chains
4. Over The Top
5. Beware The Night
6. Shout It Out
7. Rock Crusader
8. Riffarama
9. Razin Hell
10. Machine Gun
11. Street Lethal

*Tracks 9-10 bonus on the CD only (from the “Raizin Hell” Demo)
*Also in existance a bootleg split CD by Hot Metal Records (1993) with “Chosen Few” by The Black Riders

PREYER - Raizin Hell


Raizin Hell

CASSETTE self-released (1988)

1. Raizin Hell
2. Machine Gun
3. Street Lethal




PREYER - Taste Of Sin


Taste Of Sin

CASSETTE self-released (1989)

1. Taste Of Sin
2. Death Walks Tonight
3. Turn It Up