Phyne Thanquz

Location: Edinburgh | Website: n/a

Line Up
Stewart Menelaws (v,g) – also in Dog
Mark Patrizio (b) – also in The Exploited
Bryan Dodds (d) – also in Dog
Amanda Hodge (k)

– During their active years (1977-1983) Phyne Thanquz played numerous shows establishing their own cult stage status dressed up as zombies and occult figures! Due to this, they were banned from several venues.
– At some point towards the end of the 1980s, Stewart Menelaws (v,g) destroyed all of the band’s photos, recorded reels and other materials. As a result several recorded tunes were lost forever.
– Stewart Menelaws has been involved with the production of films, documentaries and commercials. He is the director of the controversial film “The Daniel Project



Into The Sun

7″ ERC (1982) ERC 007

1. Into The Sun
2. Curse Of The Gods





PHYNE THANQUZ - Phyne Thanquz


Phyne Thanquz

LP High Roller Records (2012) HRR 263
CD High Roller Records (2017) HRR263CD

1. Phyne Thanquz – Into The Sun
2. Phyne Thanquz – Curse Of The Gods
3. Phyne Thanquz – Bury Me Well
4. Phyne Thanquz – Groove Track
5. Phyne Thanquz – The Seedlings Of Something
6. Phyne Thanquz – Down
7. Phyne Thanquz – Bury Me Well
8. Dog – Read All About It
9. Dog – Set Me Free
10. Dog – The Prisoner
11. Dog – The Dead Walk Alone
12. Dog – Preacher Man

*Basically a slit release as it features 5 Dog songs (all of B side)
*LP limited to 500 copies, 350 in black and 150 in green vinyl
*CD also limited to 500 copies