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Line Up
Phil Ayling (v) – also in Metal Messiah
Mark Gibson (v,g)
Ian Johnson (g)
Dave Blundy (b)
Jez O’Donovan (d) – also in APB

Rob Hunter (g) (1978-1980)
Kevin Bower (g) (1980-1982) – also in Hell and Sabbat
Bob Smith (g) (1983)
Mark Walker (g) (1985-1986)
Gary Curtis (b) (1977-1979)
Ian Dobbs (b) (1978-1981)
Tony Speakman (b) (1980-1982) – also in Hell and Rainbow Rising
Carl Henfrey (d) (1977-1979)
Neil Bryan (d) (1980-1982)
Tim Bowler (d) (1982) – also in Hell and Overdrive
Tony Brown (d) (1983)
Rob Midwinter (d) (1983)
Kevin Frost (d) – also in Metal Messiah, Cerebral Fix and Helvis

– Active during 1977-1986. Reunited with their 1984 line-up in 2011 with only intention to re-record their old material. Some of this re-recorded material is available for free download from their official website
– Throughout their 9-year course Paralex played countless gigs all over the country. In 1981 they headlined the final night of the annual open air festival in the center of Nottingham
– The management of Metallica contacted Paralex to discuss the possibility of covering the track ‘White Lightning’ for their ‘Garage Days’ EP.
– ‘White Lightning’ can be found on all different versions and pressings of the essential compilation “NWOBHM – ’79 Revisited” (2LP, Vertigo, 1990)

Demo 1979

1. Leaving
2. Two Sides Of Silence
3. Past Years
4. Frantic Madness
5. Routine Life Part A – In a Daze
6. Routine Life Part B – Stuck in a Rut

*Recorded at Rainbow Studio, Nottingham

Demo 1980

1. White Lightning
2. Satan’s Arrow
3. Southern Star
4. Black Widow
5. Travelling Man

*Recorded at Revolvo Studio, Hull

PARALEX - White Lightning


White Lightning

12″ Reddington’s Rare Records (1981) Dan 4

1. Travelling Man
2. Black Widow
3. White Lightning

*Pressed in green vinyl and reached #11 in the independent records chart
*All three songs can also be found on the compilation “NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 2” (CD, British Steel, 1996)

PARALEX - Gettin' Somewhere


Gettin’ Somewhere

Cassette self-released (1981)

1. Gettin’ Somewhere
2. Rock In The Force
3. Justice
4. Lionheart

*Recorded at Radio Trent Studio, Nottingham

Demo 1982

1. Angel Of Darkness
2. X-25
3. Nemesis
4. The System

*Recorded at Scamp’s Studio, Nottingham

Demo 1984

1. Dogfight
2. Crossing The Bridge

*Recorded at EARS, Sleaford

Demo 1986

1. The Devil’s Cavalry
2. We Are Not The First
3. Masters Of The Skies
4. Rule Britannia
5. Invaders On Our Lands

*4-track home studio recording

PARALEX - Key To A Thousand Doors


Key To A Thousand Doors

CD + DVD No Remorse Records (2016) NRR095
LP No Remorse Records (2016) NRR095LP

1. Travelling Man (1980)
2. White Lightning (1980)
3. Black Widow (1980)
4. Travelling Man
5. White Lightning
6. Black Widow
7. Crossing The Bridge
8. The Devil’s Cavalry
9. Dogfight
10. Fool Britannia
11. Getting Somewhere
12. Justice
13. Lionheart
14. Masters Of The Skies
15. Rock The Force
16. We Are Not the First

1. Justice
2. Getting Somewhere
3. Lionheart
4. Rock The Force

*Tracks 1-3 from the White Lightning 12″. All other tracks recorded in 2015. DVD tracks recorded live at the Nottingham Boat Club in 1981

LP tracklisting:
1. Travelling Man
2. White Lightning
3. Black Widow
4. Crossing The Bridge
5. The Devil’s Cavalry
6. Dogfight
7. Fool Britannia
8. Getting Somewhere
9. Rock The Force
10 We Are Not The First

*LP limited to 500 copies: 400 in black and 100 in clear/black splatter vinyl
*No Remorse Records also released a Box version (limited to 100 copies) that includes a “milky clear” version of the LP, the CD + DVD, a t-shirt and a patch.