Oxym King Georges Hall January 1981

Location: Accrington | Website: official | facebook

Line Up
Pete Hulmes (v) – also in Tokyo and The Universal Juveniles
Doz McCarthy (g) – also in ETI
Phil Lord (g)
Nigel Talbot (b) – also in School Girl Bitch and Buffalo
Mik Wilson (d) – also in Paragon, Chayan, The Universal Juveniles and Baz Oldale

Rob Rigby (v,g) – also in Night Mission, Chayan, Chase The Ace, Check It Out, Paragon and Gridlock
Ged Scholes (g)
Andy Dewhurst (g) – also in Paragon, Night Mission, Chase The Ace and Chayan
Ross Halliwell (b)
Merv Goldsworthy (b) – also in Streetfighter and FM

– Formed in 1976, split in 1981 reformed in 2013. Oxym briefly reunited in 2000 just to play for the local even ‘Cast From The Past’ which involved several other bands at their home town of Accrington
– For the first year or so, they were known as “Mad Pat” which then changed to “Oxymoron” and then to “Oxym”
– During the early days they only professionally recorded five tracks but had over 20 other original songs most of them survived in old live recordings
– Oxym have suffered the loss of two founding members: Ross Halliwell (b) who died in 1979 at the age of 19 in a motorcycle accident and Rob Rigby (v,g) who passed away in March 2011 after a short illness
– The 2013 reincarnation of Oxym is the line-up of 1981 which didn’t include Rob Rigby. This line up recorded an album titled “Passing Through Gateways” in December 2013
– Oxym appears on the compilation “New Electric Warriors” (LP, Logo Records, 1980) with ‘Hot Rain’

Demo 1979

1. Girls In Disgrace
2. Time To Love
3. Mind Key

OXYM - Music Power Mind Key


Music Power • Mind Key

7″ Cargo Records (1980) CRS 003
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7020

1. Music Power
2. Mind Key

*Original Cargo Records pressing must have been pressed in 1000 copies. However, on the band’s official website it sais that it sold nearly 2000 copies so a second pressing could have happened.
*The Phoenix Records pressing is a bootleg, pressed in 250 copies of blue vinyl

OXYM - Two Way Mirror


Two Way Mirror

Digital Download (2014)

1. Two Way Mirror

*Official release by the band which is regarded as ‘Single’




OXYM - Passing Through Gateways


Passing Through Gateways

CD Metal Nation (2016)

1. Two Way Mirror
2. From The City
3. Buy The Time
4. 4 Minute Warning
5. Kickstart
6. High Speed Loser
7. Witch Hunt At Salem
8. No One To Lean On
9. Love A Distance
10. Sea
11. Hot Rain

*Digipack. All songs written between 1977 and 1981 and recorded in 2013