Omen UK


Location: Middlesbrough | Website:  n/a

Line Up
Rod Jinks (v) – also in Serpents Kiss
Will Philpot (g) – also in Millennium, Serpents Kiss, Danger, Crazy Cottage, Twin Star, Screaming Silence and Rojor
Mick Thompson (b) – also in Black Rose
Dave Moore (d)

– Formed in 1981 and lasted roughly for a couple of years
– Played regural at several pubs and venues around the North East quite often supporting Black Rose
– During their short time only one demo was recorded
– Omen UK folded when bassist Mick Thompson left to join Black Rose.

OMEN UK - Dragon Flight


Dragon Flight

CD Obscure NWOBHM Releases (2018) ONR 010

1. Dragon Flight
2. Fly Away
3. Sign Of The Sorcerer
4. Omen
5. Ice Man
6. Satan’s Wrath

*All the tracks Omen UK ever recorded, remastered from the original tapes. Limited to 500 copies