Omen Searcher

Omen Searcher

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Line Up
Alastair Boden (v)
Chris Hiley (g)
Andy Dobson (b)
Gary Robinson (d)

Bob Beebe (d) (1981-1985)
Alan Sargeant (d) (1985-2010)
Pete Conway (k) (1983-1984)

– Active from around 1981 until 1985. Reformed in 1995.
– The band’s logo was designed by Chris Hiley and is based on a Gothic Compass idea

Demo 1981

1. O.D. (Overdose)
2. Teacher Of Sin
3. Sometimes

*Recorded at Old Cottage studios in 1981. Not released to the public



Too Much

7″ O.C.S. Records (1982) 002
7″ Phoenix Records (2004) NWOBHM 7016

1. Too Much
2. Teacher Of Sin

*O.C.S. Records original pressing limited to 1000 copies. It reached #19 in the Sounds music paper independent Heavy Metal chart
*Phoenix Records bootleg pressing limited to 250 hand-numbered copies in purple vinyl

Demo 1983

1. Can You Hear Me Now
2. Touch The Sun
3. The Maze

* Not released to the public

Demo 1983

1. Call Of The Wild
2. Moments Of Sadness

*Different recording session than the one above. This was done towards the end of 1983 and it is the only recording featuring keyboardist Pete Conway. Again, it was not released to the public

Demo 1985

1. Rebel
2. Out Of This World
3. Test Of Time
4. In-Between The Lines

*Released as a cassette promo package




CASSETTE self-released (1995)

1. Alive
2. Diamond Eyes





OMEN SEARCHER - New Frontiers


New Frontiers

CASSETTE self-released (1996)

1. New Frontiers
2. Your Problem







Sweet Rappa

CD self-released (1998)

1. Shout Out Loud
2. Tell It To The World





The Year Of The Flying

CD self-released (2006)

1. King God
2. 20 Years
3. Let Me Down Again
4. Black And White

OMEN SEARCHER - First Contact (6EQUJ5)

First Contact (6EQUJ5)

CD self-released (2013)

1. Obviously
2. Dark Before The Dawn
3. When Will It Ever End
4. Battle
5. The Darkness And The Light
6. Fall To The Sky
7. Kill The Lights
8. So Cold
9. Big Sky
10. Things You Use To Know