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Line Up
Nick Brent (v,g) – also in Zilch, Stone Lady and Apocalypse
Steve Grainger (g,k,v) – also in Left Hand, Phaze and Apocalypse
Dave Robertson (b) – also in Apocalypse
Graham Roberts (d)

– The continuation of Apocalypse who had to change the name due to legal reasons.
– Contributed the song ‘Blood Sacrifice’ to the compilation “Metal Warriors” (LP, Ebony Records, 1983). Had to sleep outside in their vans in freezing cold the night before the recording of this track.
– For some time they were managed by Gerry Floyd who was a resident DJ at the Marquee. During this time they recorded the ‘Alpha’ demo which was used primarily as a means to approach labels and publishers. Unfortunately Gerry Floyd passed away shortly after and any plans made were put aside.
– Omega lasted until 1988 around Steve Grainger who was writing and recording with various other musicians on his own studio

OMEGA - Alpha



CASSETTE self-released (1983)

1. Summertime
2. Heat Of The Night
3. Abandon Hope (All Ye Who Enter Here)
4. Blood Sacrifice
5. The Child



OMEGA - The Prophet Rock Machine

Rock Machine & Metal Legions cover

OMEGA - The Prophet HRRecords

High Roller cover

The Prophet

LP Rock Machine (1985) MACH 1
LP Metal Legions (2002) ML 003
LP High Roller Records (2013) HRR 279
CD Metal Legions (2002) ML 003
CD High Roller Records (2013) HRR 279 CD

1. The Dark
2. Shadows Of The Past
3. The Prophet
4. Yesterday’s Children
5. Drive Me Crazy
6. Day Tripper
7. The Child

*Both releases by Metal Legions were not authorized by the band
*The LP edition of High Roller Records is limited to 300 copies (200 copies in black and 100 in Orange vinyl)
*The CD release of High Roller Records has the whole Alpha demo as bonus:
8. Summertime
9. Heat Of The Night
10. Abandon Hope
11. Blood Sacrifice
12. The Child

APOCALYPSE / Omega - Blood Sacrifice


Blood Sacrifice

LP High Roller Records (2012) HRR 211

1. Apocalypse – Stormchild
2. Apocalypse – Chosen Few
3. Apocalypse – Night Stalker
4. Apocalypse – The Child
5. Apocalypse – Midnight Train
6. Omega – Summertime
7. Omega – In the Heat of the Night
8. Omega – Abandon Hope
9. Omega – Blood Sacrifice
10. Omega – The Child

*Limited to 500 copies (150 on orange vinyl, 350 on black vinyl)
*Almost the same members in two different bands