No Quarter

No Quarter

Location: Cwmbran, Wales | Website: n/a

Line Up
Snappi Lyes (v)
Dave Young (g)
Glenn Daniel (b)
Justyn Hook (d)

Griff (b)
Rob Palmer (b)
Chris Turner (b)
Bilko Watkins (d)
Steve Chard (d)

– Had a 30 minute BBC session at Tommy Vances’ ‘Friday Rock Show’ in 1982. Tracks recorded in that session were: ‘Power & The Key’, ‘Calling’, ‘Racing For Home’ and ‘The Last Song’ which haven’t been officially released yet but float around various downloads sites
– Can be found on the compilation “Heavy Metal Heroes Volume II” (LP, Heavy Metal Records, 1982) with the track ‘Power And The Key’
– Reformed in 1992 for a couple or so years, playing some gigs and recording a new album which yet remains unreleased.


NO QUARTER - Songs In Circles

Cassette cover

NO QUARTER - Songs In Circles 12''

12″ cover

Songs In Circles

CASSETTE self-released (1981)
12″ Unsilent Tombs Records (2018) UT003

1. Power And The Key
2. Starbird
3. Shine On
4. Light And Sound
5. The Last Song

*Apparently the self-released cassette sold 1500 copies
*12″ available in regular Black, Purple and Green vinyl

NO QUARTER - Uncertain Future


Uncertain Future

CASSETTE self-released (1982)

1. Racing For Home
2. Wildfire Woman
3. C’Mon!
4. Time And Space
5. Can You Feel It
6. Calling
7. Bouldered!



NO QUARTER - Survivors



12″ Reel Records (1983) REEL 1

1. Survivors
2. Time And Space
3. Racing For Home

*Produced by Paul Gray of The Damned. Pressed in 1000 copies



NO QUARTER - Birds Of Prey


Birds Of Prey

12″ Bonzo Bear Music (1985) BBM24

1. Lords Of Sound
2. The Visitor
3. Broadmoor Blues




NO QUARTER - The Best Of No Quarter


The Best Of No Quarter

CD Vinyl Tap Records (1994) ETHEL 3

1. Seek Till I Find
2. No Stopping It Now
3. Illisions
4. Stand For Glory – First Version
5. Fooled By Your Love
6. Ice Cold
7. Now
8. Rise To The Call
9. Surrender
10. Somewhere
11. What/s Going On?
12. Survivors
13. Time And Space
14. Racing For Home

*Tracks 12-14 from the “Survivors” 12″. The rest are recordings from 1981-1983