Night Vision

Night Vision

Location: Derby | Website: facebookyoutube

Line Up
Chris Harrison (v) – also in Witchfynde, Savage, Rebel, Clownhouse, Red and Fynders Keepers
Russ Sharpe (g)
Mark Lambourn (b)
John Towle (d)

Graham Evans (g)

– Make sure you check the youtube channel mentioned above of guitarist Russ Sharpe for several interesting recordings plus a full live show from 1985
– A few other songs recorded during the mid 1980s exist. Known titles: ‘Promises Of Better Times’, ‘Mad Mans Dream’, ‘Reality’ and ‘The Prophet’
– Split up in 1987, reunited in 2013
– ‘Breaking The Chains’ appeared on the obscure compilation “Concepts Of Success” (LP, NPG, 1985)

NIGHT VISION - Your Time Will Come



Your Time Will Come

CASSETTE self-released (1985)

1. Your Time Will Come
2. So Comes The Rain
3. Promises







NIGHT VISION - Breaking The Chains


Breaking The Chains

7″ self-released (2014)

1. Breaking The Chains
2. Your Time Will Come

*Both recordings from 1985