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Line Up
Vince High (v)
John Roach (g) – also in Fist
Alex Perry (g) – also in Zero Zero, The Alex Perry Band, Tony McMahon and the Empire Strikes Back, Ripshot, Dirty Jack, The Undecided and Final Collection
Maurice Bates (b,g)
Phil Davies (d)

Mick Rundell (g)
Pete Melson (b)
Kenny Anderson (d)
Barry Hopper (d) – also in Hellanbach

– Started sometime during school in 1975 and used the name Zarathustra until 1977
– Until they split in 1982 they were a VERY active live band with a VERY strong local following
– One of the covers they played on gigs was Axe’s (later known as Fist) ‘Name, Rank and Serial Number’ which was a massive local hit and (according to reports) Mythra actually played it heavier and faster.
– They were meant to support Ted Nugent for his 1980 European tour and just days before it started the management of Wild Horses came up with a bigger offer and Mythra had to cancel their part of the deal.
– Split up in 1981. Briefly reformed in 2001 with a line up of Vince High (v), Maurice Bates (g), John Roach (g), Pete Melson (b) and Barry Hopper (d) to record an album of 11 new songs.
– Reformed again in 2014

MYTHRA - The Death And Destiny EP

7″ Street Beat cover

MYTHRA - The Death And Destiny 12" EP

12″ Street Beat cover

The Death And Destiny EP

7″ Guardian Records N’ Tapes (1979) GRM A16
7″ Street Beat Records (1980) LAMP 2
12″ Street Beat Records (1980) LAMP 2

1. Death And Destiny
2. Killer
3. Overlord
4. U.F.O.

*The Guardian edition was self-financed by the band. Pressed in 200 copies with no sleeve. After it was sold-out and due to high exposure in the media and high demand for this record it was pressed again into an unknown number of copies.
*The 7″ pressing on Street Beat Records does not include ‘Overlord’
*All four tracks appeared on the compilation “Rare Metal NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 1” (CD, British Steel, 1996)

Demo 1980

1. Warrior Of Time
2. Heaven Lies Above
3. At Least I Tried
4. Together Forever

Demo 1981

1. New Life
2. England
3. Vicious Bastard
4. The Age Of Machine
5. W.A.S.A.

Death & Destiny

MYTHRA - The Death And Destiny LP

British Steel cover

MYTHRA - Death & Destiny

Buried By Time And Dust and High Roller cover


CD British Steel (1998) CD METAL 16
CD High Roller Records (2019) HRR 662 CD
LP Buried By Time And Dust Records (2012) DUST-028
LP High Roller Records (2019) HRR 662

1. New Life
2. England
3. Warrior Of Time
4. Vicious Bastard
5. Heaven Lies Above
6. At Least I Tried
7. Together Forever
8. The Age Of Machine
9. Death & Destiny
10. Killer
11. Overlord
12. U.F.O.
13. W.A.S.A

*CD by British Steel is titled “The Death & Destiny LP” and has tracks 1, 6, 7 and 13 wrongly titled on the CD and booklet.
*All releases have different track order. Above is the one by British Steel
*LP by High Roller limited to 500 copies: 200 in Black, 200 in Silver and 100 in Gold vinyl
*The 2019 High Roller releases were marketed as “40th Anniversary”
*There is also a bootleg CD circulating with matrix: DEATH AND DESTINY

MYTHRA - The Darkener


The Darkener

CD self-released (2002)

1. Reaching Out
2. Load Up
3. New Day Dawning
4. Fundamental Extreme
5. Getting Closer
6. Road To Freedom
7. Devices
8. Nowhere To Hide
9. The Darkener
10. Fear And Loathing
11. Dreaming The Dream (Living the Nightmare)

*Self-released in very few copies (exact number is unknown probably less than 50) with the hopes of getting a good distribution deal something that unfortunately never happened making this album one of the most sought-after non 1977-1984 NWOBHM recordings!

MYTHRA - Warriors Of Time: The Anthology


Warriors of Time: The Anthology

CD Skol Records (2015) SR029
2LP High Roller Records (2015) HRR 475

1. Heaven Lies Above
2. New Life
3. U.F.O.
4. Warrior of Time
5. Vicious Bastards
6. At Least I Tried
7. Together Forever
8. Machine
9. Killer
10. England
11. WASA
12. Overlord
13. Death & Destiny
14. Reaching Out
15. The Best is Yet to Come
16. You
17. Face in the Mirror
18. Faith, Fate, Hate

*Tracks 1-13 remastered classic stuff. Tracks 14-18 new tracks written and recorded in 2015
*CD limited to 1000 copies. 2LP limited in 500 copies: 250 in black and 250 in clear vinyl

MYTHRA - Still Burning


Still Burning

CD High Roller (2017) HRR 541 CD
LP High Roller (2017) HRR 541

1. Still Burning
2. A Call To All
3. That Special Feeling
4. Ride The Storm
5. Survival
6. Battle Cry
7. Silence In The Sirens
8. Sands Of Time
9. Victory Song
10. We Belong
11. Fundamental Extreme
12. Dreaming The Dream

*Track 12 on the CD only
*LP limited to 500 copies, 200 in black and 300 in “transparent beer-coloured” vinyl