Mother’s Ruin


Mother's Ruin

Location: Milton Keynes | Website: facebook

Line Up
Dale Nathan (v,k)
Phil Hunt (g) – also in Boolean Matrix
Malcolm Jones (g,b) – also in Blues Image
Martin Bell (d)

Geoff Cooper (d)
Ron Cunnington (b)

– Toured for a few years until they split in 1987. Among others they supported Motorhead and Dire Straits
– Reformed a few years later under the name ‘The Beat Street Band’ and released one 12″ named “Beat Street”

MOTHER'S RUIN - Streetfighter



7″ Spectra Records (1981) SPC 1

1. Streetfighter
2. Leaving You

*Not known to have a picture sleeve




MOTHER'S RUIN - Streetlights



7″ Spectra Records (1982) SPC 6

1. Streetlights
2. Turn Another Corner





MOTHER'S RUIN - Say It's Not True


Say It’s Not True

7″ Spectra Records (1982) SPC 7

1. Say It’s Not True
2. It’s Illogical





MOTHER'S RUIN - Road To Ruin


Road To Ruin

LP Spectra Records (1982) SPA 1
LP Cult Metal Classics (2017) CULTMETALMTRNLP
CD Cult Metal Classics (2017) CULTMETALMTRNCD

1. Victim Of Love
2. Paris Is Burning
3. Say It’s Not True
4. Streetlights
5. Little Bit Of Magic
6. Minute By Minute
7. Road To Ruin
8. It’s Illogical
9. Turn Another Corner
10. Can’t Get Much Higher

*Cult Metal Classics re-issues on LP and CD have both tracks of their first 7″ as bonus:
11. Streetfighter
12. Leaving You

*LP by Cult Metal Classics limited to 300 copies: 200 in black and 100 in purple vinyl