Location: Hull | Website: n/a

Line Up
Les Maull (v) – also in General Wolf
Ron Hales (g) – also in General Wolf, The Ariels, Over The Top, Catch 22, Devotion, Snake Eye, Red Dirt, Marino And The Band and Soulflame
??????? (g)
Dave Richie (b,k) – also in General Wolf
Dave Taylor (d) – also in General Wolf

– Never played outside their area of Humberside but managed to build a strong local following with resident gigs in places such as The Tower and Barham Hotel
– Changed their name to General Wolf and released one demo named “Call Me” and the 7″ single “I Believe In Love

Call Me

7″ SRT (1983) SRTS 83 CUS 1792

1. Call Me
2. Rock Anthem

*Initially released in a plain white sleeve. After the name change it was re-packaged with General Wolf stickers and xeroxed cover