Location: Wolverhampton | Website: n/a

Line Up
Rob Byrne (v) – also in Diamond Dogs and Stafford Road
Mario Janowski (g) – also in Tall Story
Paul Hodson (b) – also in Diamond Dogs, Sabre (2) and Hideaway
Andy Harper (d) also in Hideaway, Sabre (2), Diamond Dogs, Love And War, Force and Mick Hill Band
Patrick Hatfield (k) – also in Mafia

– Local heroes active from 1981 until the first months of 1984
– Have been playing numerous gigs in venues such as The Gifford Arms, The Marquee Club, The Queens Hotel, The Barrel Organ Pub, The Bushbury Arms and Archie’s Night Club.
– Shared the stage with Split Beaver, Stray and Pallas among others.
– Montreaux filmed a performance at the historical Regal Theatre in Hitchen where they appeared with Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs.
– After the split three of the band members formed Diamond Dogs who also lasted for a little time

MONTREAUX - Night Of The Hunter


Night Of The Hunter

CD Obscure Nwobhm Releases (2018) ONR011

1. Flashlights
2. Timezone Love Affair
3. Two Worlds Collide
4. Goodbye Hollywood
5. Taking No Chances
6. Last Train To London
7. Just The Other Day
8. Night Of The Hunter
9. The Masters Plan
10. What`s Gone Wrong

*Limited to 500 copies
*Tracks 1-3 recorded at Switch studios in Wolverhampton 1982. Tracks 4-10 live at The Wolverhampton Polytechnic 1984.