Location: Petersfield | Website: n/a

Line Up
Graham Gargiulo (v) – also in The Charlottes, Barefoot Contessa and Helene
Paul Chester (g) – also in Darkness At Noon
Dale Cox (b)
Keith Billson (d)

– From the obscure side of things came Mithrandir! One of the youngest bands during the era. They gave us two 7″ records both released in the same year. Music-wise it is a kinda beautiful, naive and amateurish blend of Metal with 1970s Hard Rock and Psychedelic influences



Magick E.P

7″ New Leaf Records (1982) SVC 01

1. Eyes Of The Madman
2. All The Time (Non-Stop)
3. Call Of The Wild

*Said to be limited to 569 copies (info from an ebay listing offered by the record’s producer) numbered in green ink on the inside white sleeve.


MITHRANDIR - Dreamers Of Fortune


Dreamers Of Fortune

7″ New Leaf Records (1982) SVC 570

1. Dreamers Of Fortune
2. After Tomorrow